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2005-07-21 17:17:03
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(Although I'm sure most won't anyway)
Before you make any comment, before you come in there and tell me I suck, read the whole fucking thing. I'm really getting sick ofpeople coming in here and saying I'm a jackass,and I'm an asshole, when they don't even know what it is I'm talking about, because they haven't read the entire thing.


I do not give a flying fuck what you think about what I've written. In the last week, I've had two seprate youngins that somewhat fit the following description
message me, and tell me how wrong I am, or how stupid I am for my point of view. If you don't like it, FUCK OFF. I don't give a rats ass if you care or not. What's even funnier is that both of these youngins that have messaged me, didn't even know what they were talking about. Do I think that all 13-15 year old kids are depressed? No. Do I think that all kids that listen to Linkin Park and Evanesence are depressed? No. Do I have something against depressed people? No. I have something against kids that act like they're depressed because they think it's cool. Because they want people to pity them. Because they're too fuckin stupid to realize that life is not about the latest fucking band or acting cool.

The ones that don't seem to realize that they're just a bunch of fucking corprate tools that shop at Hot Topic and claim that they are "unique."

I hate to tell you, but you are not unique. You're fucking corprate tools. What is Hot Topic? A corperation. I don't wanna hear no shit about how you're a fucking individual. Grow up.

Now that it's been said, everything below is exactly as this wiki was and should be. Don't like it? Don't message me about it.
I don't give a fuck.
Kiss my ass, go to hell, or whatever else you would rather do.

*NEW* (26/26/05)*
You know, I was thinking about it earlier, and although music does play a huge part nin most of our lives, we are not the music we listen to. We are not defined by the bands we like.We as a people seem to put too much emphasis on the bands we listen to when forming relationships with other people... asif it's the only thing, we as human beings, should have in common with one another. I dont really think the music we listen to should dictate the rest of our behaviors. Thats what's wrong with this entire "goth/punk/emo" thing right now. You can ony be goth if you listen to the bands other goth kids listen to... or if you listen to punk bands, then you're only hardcore if you listen to bands nobody else has heard of.... it's pathetic really.... and it's only getting worse.

I finally realized the one thing that I hate worse than Wiggers! I absolutely, positiely and utterly LOATHE 13-15 year old kids that think it's "Cool" to be depressed. I've been browsing the random online members of this site, and unfortunately, about half the ones I found fit this category. We all know the type. They're like fourteen, and listen to Linkin Park, and Evanesence and think they're all goth, and spooky and shit. They talk about being suicidal because they think other people actually give a flying fuck what happens to them. They're the same kids that scream "accept me! accept me! accept me!" to the Ambercrombie and Fitch wearing crowd, but then scream about how much they hate preppies, ect. Just let me run into one of them in a dark alley, that is, if they weren't too scared to be alone in the dark.


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[-.-]: cAILIE, you should be the one killing yourself, lmao!

[Lethargic Panda]: If wishes were horses.

[Lethargic Panda]: fight the normalcy. xD "You too, can be a solider." >.>

[Lethargic Panda]: ...You know, normally I would disagree with Lynney, entirely for the sake of disagreeing with Lynney, but you're a terrible little bother. Schneider, now’s a fine chance for you to peddle our products!

[-.-]: You love me deep down, I know it! Everyone does... *Snuggles and kisses* Yeah yeah I'll go!

[Lethargic Panda]: *shakes head*

[Lethargic Panda]: ...She killed it. x.x

[The Right]: urgh.

[Lethargic Panda]: I concur. How's?

[{*Suna's Kazekage*} Gaara]: It isnt cool to be depressed... it is a illness

[Fall Out Boy lover]: It is an illness.A chemicle imbalance.Deprssion killed my father.

[{*Suna's Kazekage*} Gaara]: Same here. Some people just dont understand that. They think that it is all fun and games and that everyone thinks that people say they are depressed because it is cool... What's so cool about it?

[The Right]: Some people just don't understand that alot of people do say they're depressed for the attention. If you have a chemical imbalance, you have a chemical imbalance.That's understandable.What I have a problem with is the little 14 year olds saying they're depressed and want to kill them selves for the attention.It's fucking annoying, and if you're that stupid, then you're wasting precious oxygen.

[{*Suna's Kazekage*} Gaara]: That I agree with. I just dont like how it is put. It just seems like your telling the depressed people to kill themselves

[// Grace //.And..Bend]: No, she's telling the little shits who don't have a life more than to tell everyone they're depressed for attention to fuck off. People with actual chemical imbalances that perservere everyday just to get by and be able to smile without anyone knowing they really have depression have to suffer the stereotypes of these little fucks when they actually do reach out for help. Teenage angst is one thing, actual depression that lasts for years and can run in families is another.

[{*Suna's Kazekage*} Gaara]: Hmm... Perhaps

[// Grace //.And..Bend]: Sorry for the vulgarity of my comment.

[{*Suna's Kazekage*} Gaara]: That doesn't bug me

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