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Information about gnomes as player characters, and cultural distinctions among WFR Stories

A Race of the WFR Char RACE Page
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Gnomes - Sometimes referred to as Dwarves by the less educated, gnomes are short little creatures, some races being more animalistic, with buggy eyes, and even whiskers, and the more common form, being the social gnomes, known among those that can get straight answers from them, to be called the Fyrboen (fehr-been). Bright, skilled, and knowledgeable of things greater than even human capacity, these modest creatures tend to stray far from human land and notice. They keep their homes well-hidden, sometimes even below ground, and those that aren't welcome will never find them. Some have very large noses, bulbous, or sometimes very pointy, or stout, and some can be found to grow to very old age, those that are most educated being the most insane.
Gnomes have been known to communicate openly with beings of all races, but generally only on the most stable of conditions.

Gnome Personal Characteristics:


Relations with Other Races:

Society and Leadership:

Language and Names:
   Common Language and Script
   Gnome Language and Script

Gnome Character Traits:

Gnome Races of the Wiki Fiction Roleplay:
  Wiki Fantasy Roleplay Races/Societies:
   - Common Gnome
   - Chimu Nation Gnome - Uamba in Tearra Rehm
   - Island Gnome - Boro and Xiuuola in Tearra Rehm
   - Spriggan Gnome - Spriggan Mountains in Tearra Rehm

  Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay Races/Societies:
   - ...


WFR Char RACE Page and WFR Char RANK Page
WFR Application Page and Guild Page
Creature_List entry: Gnome / Spriggan / Svifneblin?

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