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A WFR Guild Character Race Page

Information about Giant Races as player characters, and cultural distinctions among WFR Stories

A Race of the WFR Char RACE Page
Wiki Fantasy Roleplay and Wiki Fiction Roleplay

Body of Content - Titan / Titans / Titan Race, Clan giant (Rephaim, Clans of the Rephaim, Oceanstrider, Troll, Ogre, Giant

Giant/Titanic Personal Characteristics:


Relations with Other Races:

Society and Leadership:

Language and Names:
    Known Languages:
   Common Language and Script
   Rephaim Language and Script (Clan Rephaim & High/Imperial Rephaim)
   Titanic Language and Script

Giant/Titanic Character Traits:
    Size, Ability Adjustments, Land Speed per round, Vision, +HD, Racial Base Stats, Racial Skills, Feats, +Armor, Natural Weapons, Special Attacks, Special Qualities (Talents), Favored Rank/Class/Role, Level Adjustment

Giant/Titanic Races of the Wiki Fiction Roleplay:
  Wiki Fantasy Roleplay Races/Societies:
   - Rephaim (High Rephaim & Clan Rephaim) of Horamont
   - Titans (Olypmic, Pantheonic) of Horamont

  Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay Races/Societies:
   - ...


WFR Char RACE Page and WFR Char RANK Page
WFR Application Page and WFR Guild Members
Wiki Fiction Roleplay

Creature_List entry: Titan / Titans / Titan Race, Clan giant (Rephaim, Clans of the Rephaim, Oceanstrider, Troll, Ogre, Giant

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2005-11-14 [xido]: Rephaim, Clans of the Rephaim and other WFR playable giant races

2007-02-05 [SilverFire]: The 'Oceanstrider, [Troll' link has a random bracket floating in the middle of it - is that supposed to be there? Or is there a broken link? I'm assuming, looking that the pseudo-html of the page, that it's a mistake, and that oceanstrider and troll are supposed to be separate pages?

2007-02-19 [xido]: Thanks, Silvie. Gosh, how do you find all these links anyway? I thought no one looked at these pages... XP

2007-02-19 [SilverFire]: I'm not quite sure myself. :P Maybe I have a 7th sense for wiki-pages. :D

2007-02-22 [xido]: Well, good to see you around, and keeping me on track. ;) :P

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