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2006-11-29 22:25:30
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No one has a page for Germany, I'm ashamed!
Well here is a site were you people who love Germany can chat German Chat.


By [kathryn's amante]


1. [Coldfire1]
2. [Blue_Spirit]
3. [Maethoriell]
4. [TillowFrik]
5. [Pharoh]
6. [Illona]
7. [Skw3rlch4n]
8. [Anime Addiction]
9. [Führer]

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2005-09-03 [Coldfire1]: books of course

2005-09-09 [WonderTweek]: future

2005-09-09 [Yiwerra]: [*Dance and Be Mine*] - did you mean me?

2005-09-09 [Coldfire1]: ?

2005-12-08 [angel of your nightmares]: can i join?

2005-12-13 [WonderTweek]: tacos

2005-12-15 [Coldfire1]: sure

2005-12-15 [Coldfire1]: note to all: anyone who wants to join can.just add you self to the list

2005-12-15 [WonderTweek]: burritos?

2005-12-17 [Maethoriell]: Burritos are yummy... I do love Germany... I want to learn the language... And is there a reason that there is no member #3 on the list?

2005-12-17 [WonderTweek]: *shrugs* :\ Germany is beautiful ^^ I miss it - -;

2005-12-17 [Maethoriell]: ..If I join can I correct the grammar on the intro page, or whatever it's called..? And yah.. I have never been, but pictures? They be beautiful... my grandmother is from there, from a town whose name I cannot spell.

2005-12-18 [WonderTweek]: I guess so. Intro page? And it is very beautiful ^_^

2005-12-18 [Maethoriell]: The thingy with the banner, and listing the members... I'm new to elftown, so I don't know the proper terminology yet... My friend is getting me to join her roleplay.

2005-12-18 [WonderTweek]: Oh, Well welcome to elftown ^_^ I'm warning you now elftown used to be a really nice place, now it's full of drama filled attention whores who wanna kill emselves. Ignore em just a warning ^^.

2005-12-18 [Maethoriell]: ..Most internet based communities are like that these days.. well not just internet communities.. Yes. Ignoring becomes quite easy with practice, of which I have much. Deutschland related inquiry: What is some of you humanoids favorit german music? Not counting Rammstein please.. everyone knows of them... I personally love Wagner and Orff alot... but that's just my odd liking of classical music... I like pretty much all types of music..

2005-12-18 [WonderTweek]: Orff!! Omg someone else knows besides me! *high fives cause I'm lame like that* oo; Hmm, I like Erben der Schöpfung, very beautiful music ^^. Whats your fav song by Orff? I like that one latin song I think its called O Fortuna.

2005-12-18 [Maethoriell]: Yes, O fortuna, from Carmina Burana. It is mein fav... "O Fortuna, Velut Luna statu variabilis, semper crescis aut decrescis;" the beauty... (it means "O Fortune, just as the moon you vary your state, always increasing or decreasing") And I will look into Erben der Schöpfung

2005-12-18 [WonderTweek]: ^^ Yeah I know what the lyrics mean :P I had to look it up after I heard the song(just one of those things), beautiful lyrics.

2005-12-18 [Maethoriell]: I'm like that too... If I hear something I do not understand I must find translations... also a reason I don't listen to much Rammstein anymore.. the translations sickened me a slight bit... It was a sad day when I went and got translations.. It caused me to no longer be able to enjoy otherwise wondrously crafted Music.

2005-12-18 [WonderTweek]: I like Rammstein (as overrated in the US as they are) And their lyrics are pretty sickining but I enjoy them anyways.

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