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2006-11-29 22:25:30
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No one has a page for Germany, I'm ashamed!
Well here is a site were you people who love Germany can chat German Chat.


By [kathryn's amante]


1. [Coldfire1]
2. [Blue_Spirit]
3. [Maethoriell]
4. [TillowFrik]
5. [Pharoh]
6. [Illona]
7. [Skw3rlch4n]
8. [Anime Addiction]
9. [Führer]

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2005-12-21 [Maethoriell]: pepsi.. I go for Root Beer. It's the best. Pepsi is the drink of the frenchies.. at least it stereotypically is here in Canada...

2005-12-21 [WonderTweek]: Lol, actaully I like Mountain Dew, but pepsi is all we have in the house right now ><; we don't even have egg nog!! :(

2005-12-21 [Maethoriell]: We had eggnog... but it only lasted a day..

2005-12-21 [WonderTweek]: Aww poor you looseing egg nog. I need to live off that stuffs

2005-12-22 [Maethoriell]: Yah.. too bad it's only easy to be found around christmas time...

2005-12-22 [WonderTweek]: I know. it doesn't even exist when its not the holiday season ><;

2005-12-22 [Maethoriell]: ..That's when you go and get the recipe! mmmm..

2005-12-22 [WonderTweek]: i know lol but I'm lazy

2005-12-22 [Maethoriell]: As am I. Which is why I do not make eggnog.

2005-12-22 [WonderTweek]: lol

2005-12-22 [Maethoriell]: yes.. laugh. but when I get famous for.. wait a minute.. That involves work.. nevermind. yes. Lol.

2005-12-22 [WonderTweek]: XP So how're you?

2005-12-22 [Maethoriell]: I am doing well considering my mark in my easie0t class went down by 10% and will probably go even lower... and last week of school... stressful finishing of huge projects... but I got an Apocalyptica {cool Finnish band} CD today so that makes everything beautifull.

2005-12-22 [WonderTweek]: aww I wish you luck on your last week. I got out today, and I think I did good on all the finals except english ><; I can't even speak my home language right, what makes them think I can speak english!?

2005-12-22 [Maethoriell]: Their evil expectations... yes.. I can't speak either of my languages properly anymore.. their both bad.. I don't quite have a mother tongue..

2005-12-22 [WonderTweek]: I'm so horrible at languages ><;

2005-12-23 [Maethoriell]: A...It's annoying.. people expect me to be great at languages since I speak two...

2005-12-23 [WonderTweek]: I almost speak three. I used to know french very well but I forgot it. I had to relearn english twice :/ me and my forgetting ><;

2005-12-23 [Maethoriell]: Yah, my first language was french... Then I moved and lost it all, but then I moved again and relearned it :D

2005-12-23 [WonderTweek]: lol ^^

2005-12-24 [Maethoriell]: Tis an annoyance.. I can't quite speak either that well anymore..

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