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Genesis Gauntlet Scenario

It is year 200 after the Greatest Event in History. Things have changed. The world has changed. The world has gone from being but a village to being a room in a hut as scientific progress and fulfillment of prophecy have brought together that which was once merely imagined by visionaries such as Gene Roddenberry, J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft and the Hubble Space Telescope, or discovered by theologians and historians of myths and fables. Our vision and understanding have been broadened as fantasy and science fiction have become reality.

But progress hasn't come smoothly, nor without cost. Even though the magical lives side by side the scientific, it is not in perfect harmony. The realisation of the fantastical has not eliminated the problems of pride, jealousy, racism, hate and greed from the human(oid) heart. Yet the good hasn't given up its power to inspire and strenghten those who seek it - and thus, even thouh so much has changed, at the core it's still the same.

Krung Thep. The City of Angels. The Great City. The Eternal Jewel City. The Grand Capital of the World Endowed with Nine Precious Gems. The Happy City. These and the several other ancient titles describe even the future state of this sprawling, successful polis where the air is clean, taxation is light, welfare works and unemployment is high (but that's only those people who don't know how to make their own luck). Since the world opened up and things changed, Krung Thep was among the best to change with the times. And now it is the hub of culture, research, trade and entertainment. It is where worlds meet - the high, and the low. This is where people come to become.

This is where you are headed. You're almost there, almost at the (metaphorical) city gates. You've heard of the peculiar procedures of the immigration interviews that everyone entering Krung Thep must go through, but you feel secure that you won't be turned away. After all, you have a good reason for coming (or leaving). And you will make it here, by golly, because if you don't - you won't make it anywhere.

Races of the Genesis Gauntles:

Constructs: The constructs ("valids" in their own speech) are the richest of the richest of the human population. They can afford to pay for all the advancements science can offer, enhancing themselves physically by means of technological and biological implantation and mentally by going to the best schools. Because of this the best jobs tend to be held by Constructs. The Constructs tend to be friendly with Extra-terrestrials with whom they can trade for ever better technology and enhancements, slightly disdaining towards normal humans who cannot afford such enhancements, and jealously angry of The Aeaeans who were born with (given free! what an outrage) powers that equal that of the Constructs.

Extra-terrestrials: There are many different species of Extra-terrestrials. The only common denominator among them is that they come from other planets. By now they are rather well integrated into society. It didn't happen suddenly, the arrival of the new kind of folk. They sort of just came and blended in: the first a weary traveler on his way nowhere in particular, the second the guy who came looking for him, and so on. The Extra-terrestrials are technologically far superior to humanity, but they don't let that bother them, and freely trade with anyone who can afford it. They are varied in appearance, some looking absolutely outlandish, while with others it is difficult to tell them apart from humans - except when one begins to converse with them and they start to talk about other planets and space travel.

Humans: Normal humans ("in-valids" to the enhanced folk) are the helpless pawns caught in the middle of everything. They cannot afford to enhance themselves, and are unable to get the richly paid jobs that would let them. They have not the abilities of The Aeaeans and feel that they're having enough trouble getting jobs as it is without those damn aliens coming in and stealing some of them too. But they are still the vast majority of population, they come in all shapes and sizes and colours, with their own kind of brilliance and abilities.

The Aeaeans: The Aeaeans is the common name for all creatures who are born with natural magical abilities. Other than that they don't have much things in common: some people under this categorisation are normal humans with a magical streak, others are races of beings that have only recently surfaced to the public consciousness, sentient creatures of myth and fancy. They have kept mostly to themselves, preferring distant countryside locations and the homes of their ancestors, but the pressures of the changing modern world have not left all of them completely unscathed either, and it has become not uncommon for even some of them to seek their fortunes or futures in cities.


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