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2006-12-14 03:21:03
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I decided to re-vamp this old, dying tutorial and make a new one :P The old tutorial can still be found at: Old Transparent Gif Tutorial for people that hate to load these HUGE images.

This time it's with Photoshop 7.0 :P not crappy Elements! Enjoy because the program wasn't happy making it! xD

This will be the result of your hard work:



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2005-12-15 [Zab]: Maybe you should add that the screenshots are from Photoshop Elements, and that it looks a little different in other Photoshops, but works the same? ;)

2005-12-15 [Paz]: Yes, it should work the same... I'll say that above it says all you need is photoshop or photoshop elements ;P

2005-12-15 [Zab]: I know, but something that the screenshots isn't the same (the settings box is slightly different in PS 7 ;)

2005-12-15 [Paz]: oh, yes they are moved to a certain place. Don't worry i added it to the top :D

2005-12-15 [Zab]: Perfect ^______^

2006-07-27 [Vampire Akis]: why don't I get it? I can't make a lyer!

2006-07-27 [Vampire Akis]: why don't I get it? I can't make a layer!

2006-07-27 [Paz]: If you have photoshop, go to Layer > New > Layer

2006-08-14 [Vampire Akis]: I do but nothing!!!!!!!!!!! help me...........*cries* Boo hoo hoo.........T_T

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