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Genadai Fae

A native of the Criman nations of Xiuuola and Boro, in Tearra Réhm.
Genadai look like tiny elves, with buggy eyes similar to forest gnomes. They have dark skin, tan to deep mahogany, and even some with red or grey hues. Their hair is often bright, vibrant colors, and changes in spots as they get older. Every time some new ability or skill is learned, they acquire a lock or two of hair that is drastically different than their own natural color.
Bright yellow, orange, red, and green are among the most common colors, but others are not impossible, and have no obvious connection to a Genadai's personality or life purpose.
A Genadai is born as a seed inside of a large fruit that only rarely appears on an extremely rare tree known as the Fehrmi Tree. A Genadai seed only appears at any time that a Genadai Fae is destroyed or has ascended to Ferhmi, the highest stage of growth besides the two sets of Fehrmi Trees.
The Fehrmi Trees, or 'the Parents', exist in the deep, protected heart of the Criman forests. Only Four of these trees exist, and only in the Criman lands of Xiuuola and Boro, in Tearra Réhm. Two trees, a male and a female, live in each land. If ever one of them dies, the opposite gender of the two sacrifices itself, and two new Fehrmi seeds are made to be Genadai from the other two parent trees. The two seedlings will eventually become Queen Genadai, two female Genadai that appear like that of Fehrmi Dryads. They are often ushered to the juxtaposed Criman nation by local druids and clerics who take them by boat to their new homes deep in the forest of the appropriate nation. Upon planting themselves in the soil of their new grounds, they revert to tree form, never again to take on fae form. There are always two sets of Fehrmi parents until either both sets are destroyed, or a new set is born, which has not happened for the past thirteen thousand years. And, as long as one set of parents is able to produce fruits, there will always be two sets of parents to be born. The Fehrmi Trees, along with the Genadai they give birth to, are spiritually linked to the source of the greatest of energies, and as well to the land of Fae, an outer realm of magical purport.
As the Parents have a set number of existing patrons, so to do the Genadai themselves. In the first days of any given spring, their will always be enough Genadai or Genadai fruits present on the planet of Jashnia to equal the number 49. If ever one of the Genadai cannot manifest by the end of the winter, a new sapling will be made from the Parent branches in the typical manner. Not every year does a fruit appear on the Mother, and not every time does one fruit grow. It is always dependent on the number of Genadai actually present on the face of the planet, and it must be 49 by the time spring comes. There is no natural way of chinging this number, it is a spiritual connection that cannot be broken by any normal means.
Likewise, if ever one of the 49 Genadai come within 100 feet of all other Genadai, that one will be automatically teleported to a random place between 1,000 and 100,000 miles away, to safety. This measure, along with the ability of the Parent Trees to maintain their existence, provides the Genadai the ability to be born into the world, and to perform their task, which is to maintain the presence of magical energies in the world of Jashnia and beyond. At any given moment, unless they are all destroyed by a freak accident, there is always these 49 Genadai, or a fruit to replace them come springtime. There is, as well, always two sets of Parents present on Jashnia, in the nations of Crima.
The Father Fehrmi is a thick stalk of a tree that looks like a twisting palm of sorts, with many short bushy fronds bursting out into leaves along the tall trunk. Fragrant plumes of pollen-emitting pistils stick out of the bushy leave-clusters, while the huge fronds on top sip up the sunshine that manages its way through the upper canopies of Xiuuola and Boro's thick tropical forests. The female, or Mother, is a shorter tree, with long branches that stick way out around it as it sits somwhere near to the Father's base as it winds around the Mother in an odd fashion. The Mother's banches are willow-like, with similar leaves to the upper fronds of the Father. In the springtime, thick masses of flowers burst out of the leaves, and if a new Genadai is needed, a fruit will appear amidst the branches as a thick, orange and brown fruit with a translucent skin and flesh, with a seed that forms over the period of a few weeks. When the seed is ripe to be planted, the fruit falls from the tree, bursting, and sprouting roots that dig it into the dirt within the matter of a single night's burrowing.
The Genadai grows as a sapling in its first year of life, planted firmly at the base of the sacred Fehrmi Trees. The saplings are now often looked after by the local Crimans, who guard the two sets of Fehrmi with their own lives. The trees can, of course exist on their own, but when it was seen how important the trees are to the existence of magic in the world, they were decidedly guarded by the local peoples of the Criman nations of Xiuuola and Boro@wiki].
The Genedai has two forms upon its first full spring after the first cold season: its original tree form, and that of a humanoid male fae. If, for some reason, the fruit or sapling cannot perform its necessary task of taking root or growing to the nymph stage, a new fruit will be born the following spring.
The Genadai survives in this form for around three years, growing in the manner of a small child or spriteling, and in its tree form, as a young tree.
Genadai must 'sleep' in tree form at some given time, often in the day, when others mistake it for a normal tree, and pay no attention. It does not need this rest in any huge amount, and can live without it, but begins to lose its vitality and magical essence after long periods of time without sunlight shining on its green leaves.
The Genadai has no 'in-between' stage; it is either tree or fae, and cannot perform the functions of an opposite form from the one it is at any given time.
After the first 5-6 years of life near to the Fehrmi Parents and the surrounding culture, a Genadai often has the urge to leave its homeland, and journey abroad to learn, live, and adventure.
A Genadai can live up to one hundred Jashnian years before it ascends to its final stage of development, the Fehrmi Dryad.
A Genadai, upon reaching the point in its metamorphosis that it no longer needs a tree form to exist, sleeps one final time, often just before a rainstorm. This final sleep can last between a day and a couple of months, depending on how long until the next viable storm.
When the tree is struck by lightning, it splits down the middle on one side, and the sap within begins seeping out in thick pools. The tree still survives, and actually becomes a magical plant that cannot be destroyed by normal means. It is regenerative, and immune to acid, fire, electricity, and cold (it lies dormant).

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2004-05-20 [xido]: A featured race of Tearra Réhm, along with the Fehrmi Dryad, both who live in the Criman nation of Xiiuuola (shoo-oh-lah).

2004-05-20 [xido]: An example of a Genadai Fae character is Kee Nad

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