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Username: [xido]

Race/Species: Fehrmi Dryad

Rank/Title/Class: Gypsy, Divination Mage, Star-Touched Shaman

Gender: Female(?)

Age: Unknown, since Fehrmi do not pay attention to age, and their metamorphoses align to the movment of a nearby planet's rotation.

  Height: 6'4"
  Weight: 115#
  Eye color: vivid blue
  Hair: Long, dark brown, beaded and braided in portions.
  Flesh Tone: tanned, olive-brown
   Nationality: Xiuuola, Tearra Réhm
She is attractive, but otherworldly in her fae appearance (see picture above), she has seduced men and women, and made many laugh at her idiocy, which is merely blunt quizzicality. Gea wears many brown and other multi-colored robes and cloth garments. Ferhmi do not sweat, and do not overheat, so they are often found wearing many layers of clothes in otherwise hot climates and temperatures. Gea is included in the fae fashion. Her animal companions, butterflies of many forms, and a few small brightly-colored birds, are nearly always in tow, or hiding within the many layers of her robes.

Personality: (Chaotic Good Alignment) Gea is good-natured, quiet (when alone, though can rattle an ear off in conversation), calm, and more than anything: flighty... She's sort of a ditz, really, as far as mannerisms go, but an underlying intellect and knowledge of the stars and the cosmos comes from an other-worldly source. Overall, commonly curious, and has a flair for style in nearly everything she does. She has been known to spend a lot of time amusing or entertaining herself in the oddest of manners, and things tend to change color when she's near.... qo.Op

Weapons: Several daggers, some concealed; Magick - as druid/divination/shaman, and the Shivaar (a half-bow). She is proficient with some other weapons, but often carries little. She is proficient with light wromor but often wears none.

History:She was born to the gypsies of the common Fehrmi tribe in southern Tearra Réhm, and learned the common gypsy lifestyle and culture. She's in the third stage of her life-long metamorphoses, two stages before elder. Sometime in her past, she was given the gift of the Startouched. She speaks rarely of this, and smiles and giggles when people get curious, but doesn't say anything even remotely revealing.

Other: She has a purpose, but shares it with no one. She spends her days wandering, learning of the world, and the people, while going through constant rites of passage within herself, and in another realm within her consciousness. She is able to convert from tree-form to humanoid instantaneously, and has been known to make herself disappear completely or so it's been said...not proven.
Presently being played in in the midst of the hidden forests.

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2006-01-13 [xido]: My character as one of the contestants of the Champion's Tournament.

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