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2006-08-25 17:15:34
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Basicly every graveyard needs a zombie..... or a few more.... so if you are hungry for brains, become one of my zombies for no reason. so place your name next to the numbers and leave a comment if you like! this page is freely editable! if i get enough zombies you may need to add a new number for yourself! but i doubt that many people like brains! (first 10 zombies gets a cookie!)

1.[rob-the-dude] rob the zombie.... get it? no?... forget it!
2.[Love . Riot . Kaboom] i get it rob.... lol WOOHOO me = ZOMBIE! RAWR!
3.[no one123456] the zombie wolf!
4.[Sweet chariot of fire] *looks round* this is where zombies go?! whoopsie...i thought i had found a site about kittens.... lol. sorry, i should say...'Im gonna eat your brain'!!!!!
5.[Waltzing Warlus]A zombie mortifiedpigeon beware for I shall dive bomb the living and peck their brains out hmmmmmm brains
6.[Ai~Tenshi] the zombie sis!
7.[A ./†/ThOuSaNd\†\. clever lines] blaaaahhhhh arragghhhhgg *cough cough* *clears throat* arraghhhghg beware for i am the .......................*drum rolls* .............PANSY ZOMBIE!!  *silence*  uh tee hee
8.[Sweetheart, you're a fucking trainwreck.] hehehe...
9.[*mimi*] im the prettiest zombie alive lol its a murderdolls thing
10.[princess_ of _darkness] who are you to complain?!?
11.[.soldier] The Zombie Dragon
12.[Seize.The.Moment] brains taste like chicken!

stubbs is our hero, he will guide us!

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2006-09-15 [princess_ of _darkness]: hi hi!!!

2006-09-15 [Seize.The.Moment]: wow hey there care bear!

2006-09-17 [princess_ of _darkness]: i like care bears!!!!! WOW HOW'D YOU KNOW!!!

2006-09-18 [Seize.The.Moment]: i shoot them

2006-09-18 [Seize.The.Moment]: nah im just messing with ya...

2006-09-18 [Seize.The.Moment]: ...i decapitate them

2006-09-18 [//Brighter Side\\]: and i eat them

2006-09-19 [princess_ of _darkness]: ...they're too dry and fluffy to eat...i like to tie them to crosses and burn t hem but i keep my bedtime bear safe in my closit under my goat skull

2006-09-20 [//Brighter Side\\]: interesting *coveres dead care bear with ketchup*

2006-09-20 [princess_ of _darkness]: lol

2006-09-26 [Seize.The.Moment]: they taste much better roasted

2006-09-26 [princess_ of _darkness]: no they taste better when eaten as a smore

2006-09-26 [Seize.The.Moment]: o.O smore?

2006-09-27 [princess_ of _darkness]: yep yep nice yummy chocolate with marshmellow and carebear all melted on a grahmcracker

2006-09-29 [Love . Riot . Kaboom]: yummy!

2006-10-02 [princess_ of _darkness]: i know

2006-10-09 [Seize.The.Moment]: woah did you really go to scouts?

2006-10-10 [princess_ of _darkness]: what

2006-10-22 [//Brighter Side\\]: people on this wiki make no sense and it makes me feel stupid :(

2006-10-22 [princess_ of _darkness]: im sorry

2006-10-23 [Seize.The.Moment]: im sowwy

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