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Character Race Page

Information about Gargoyles as player characters, and cultural distinctions among WFR Stories

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A Gargoyle breaking free of its stone sleep
Images Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast / D&D

An awakened goyle

Gargoyle Personal Characteristics:



Relations with other Races:

Society and Leadership

Language and Names:
   Known Languages:
    - ...

Gargoyle Character Traits:
    Size, Ability Adjustments, Land Speed per round, Vision, +HD, Racial Base Stats, Racial Skills, Feats, +Armor, Natural Weapons, Special Attacks, Special Qualities (Talents), Favored Rank/Class/Role, Level Adjustment

Gargoyle Races of the Wiki Fiction Roleplay:
'Stonestander' (common gargoyle - changes from stone to flesh as the sun sets, or upon other arcane or astronomical contingency

Montagoyle larger, barbarian goyles often dedicated to war arts and controlling their shifting. Often native to mountains, Horamont

Windriders smaller gargoyles that are equipped with underarm wings that allow for much longer glides and windcatching leap maneuvers

Jannjigoyle a form of goyle that was bred for the janni/genies and often have an elemental subtype (earth, air, water, fire, shadow, ether, etc.)

Moondoggies not to be confused with a 'Moon Dog', moondoggies are akin to the moon, and have very angry tempers that flare when the moon is at its furthest, new moon phase. Moondoggies have a Rage ability, and are excellent trackers. Hunters often use them in less aggravating moon phases as hunting goyles.

Goregoyle and Kapoacinth are two aquatic races of goyles that are both specifically suited to underwater action, though each has one specific difference.
   Goregoyles are able to ascend above the waves without a problem, but are subject to freezing in sunlight.
   Kapoacinth are purely underwater, but are not subject to sunlight freezing. Kapoacinth are more active and aggrezzive in new moon phase.

Animated Golems - Golem / Warforged
   Golems (animated materials made to appear alive as creatures of substance and arcane/divine life energy) are great NPC/props for any story, but mainly unintelligent, they are not the greatest of PCs... However, if you come up with the story of how your golem claimed a soul, or became 'Warforged', it's all yours.


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