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2005-09-15 01:50:35
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Welcome everyone this is my new and first wiki and Support your local bands!
Help these guys out. Give them a spot on the Warped Tour. It's very simple, just click and listen. You'll like what you hear!!

  Garage34 came together in February of 2000 with the clear intentions of killing all forms of crappy music that had inhabited their small hometown of Gatesville, Texas for so many years.

  The come closer each and every day.

  The fight has not been an easy one. In the first few years of the band's existence, the members had to struggle with the pop tendencies that had been built into their sound through the environment around them. Soon, with the aid of friends and the experiences touring, they would become what is now known as the true and undeniable form or Gagarage34.

   Today, after releasing three albums that have combated the sounds of radio rock and pop music, Garage34 presses on with their electric live show and jagged punk rock to spread the message of unity to the world.

   "Music is what we are created for, punk rock is what we love, and unity is what we want to leave behind" 

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1. [Dee Effin' Disaster]-Owner
2. [ranieface]
3. [mug911]
5. [Make me happy, just give me the truth]
6. [XxBleeding Through this Broken PotraitxX]

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2005-06-16 [mug911]: garage 34 kickass as if no one already knew that

2005-06-16 [Dee Effin' Disaster]: Them and Lint are probably my 2 favorite local bands

2005-06-16 [mug911]: i was the first to type yes whoo who im a loser

2005-06-16 [mug911]: hell yeah and well inside out which are no longer with us

2005-06-16 [Dee Effin' Disaster]: haha yeah I know...Mikey become and member

2005-06-16 [ranieface]: yes i ish the second member!

2005-06-16 [mug911]: uhh how do i become a member

2005-06-16 [Dee Effin' Disaster]: I'll do it for you

2005-06-17 [mug911]: im pissed

2005-06-17 [mug911]: ok im not pissed anymore

2005-06-17 [Dee Effin' Disaster]: Haha why are you pissed? er...why WERE you?

2005-06-17 [Make me happy, just give me the truth]: hey i wanna join too but i like dont know how lol

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