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New Community

What is Gamesmad?

Gamesmad is a Community idea. It will be all about lots of different games, gaming consoles, PC games & anything to do with games. There will be lots of stuff to do around Gamesmad, this includes chatting, quiz's, trivia & lots of competitions and chatting. Something for everyone really.

Gamesmad will the site Boss: [striker lone_wolf]. Striker & both have been site staff on one of the Heddate sites so they know the functions of the sites & how to be effective bosses. They will both be active so if you get stuff you will be able to get your answer within 24 hours.

The Gamesmad staff will be people who the boss have chosen because they follow the rules, work hard & enjoy playing games themselves.


Gamesmad Administration

1)[striker lone_wolf]


The Look

The community will give off an Elftown feel & look. The pages will be a blue & the graphics (AKA Banners) will be more games style. All the HTMl tags will be available in 'Your House' for you to add images & change the style of your text



These are a few questions that we thought might come in handy to some confused users.

Q - What is Gamesmad?
A - Gamesmad is hopefully a Community that will be all about all sorts of different games & stuff to do with games like quiz's and trivia.

Q - When will Gamesmad open?
A - If we get enough members on Elftown [Hedda] will hopefully create Gamesmad when he has time.

Q - Can I help out on Gamesmad?
A - Yes you can, Message [striker lone_wolf] & have a further conversation with him.


If you would like to give an idea or improvement, join the forum <joinforum:2133:firenze> (Gamesmad Improvements)


The Supporters

1.[rtufresryutyi] omg games are my life totally make it that would be freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!..!!!!!!
2.[Rosenrot] yea gots to have my games...
4.[I stabbith ye]
5.[Nightmare Anatomy] Awesome .. sounds like fun
7.[Erubeus] I guess I'll support it
9.[punk tinkerbell] sounds fun
10.[Iron-Man-429]-ARMORED CORE!!!!
11.[Khronos Atmosphaera]- Nintendo forever! Girl gamers will one day rule the gaming world! xD!
13.[Child of God]
14. [WolfKrink]- Ooo...unlucky number 13...What, no Sonic fans yet?
15. [Ramirez]
16.[darkness angel]-i love Xbox games,playstation 2 games and nintendo ds games apart of computer games.
17. [Arinique] I love all kinds of games. Especially Sonic, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts is my favorite! <333
18. [zip] Look forward to the site ^_^ Would be glad to offer help with anything, graphics/content/whatever.
20. [Tyr and Zao Hawk]-In all actuality, I should be number 5... but someone took my place! All well... Final Fantasy Forever! And those other RPGs too >.> <.<... w00t!
21.[black lotus]
23.[Shulmyr_Diehm] yay! can't wait to join! I agree, girl gamers will rule the gaming world!!
24.[Amras Calafalas] this will be awesome i will enjoy this much so
26. [きゅうびのきつね] ~ Sure, I'll play. ;)
27.[Issak] love it
28.[Vyse] without games i would probly die
29.[.kazuki.] deffinite supporter
30.[The Coffee-Prophet] A serious gaming community seems like a good idea to me.
31.[Sean..biedwell]its great ill be able to play with new ppl
32.[LOLNERD.] This sounds interesting...
33.[tyler likes to eat zebra cakes] HOORAAH! games rock
34.[Dark Joker]
37.[Kenshimaru] RPG's BABY!!!
40.[SephirothFFVII] Awesomeness. ^_^
41. [Stephen]
42.[striker lone_wolf]

43.[blankskater]-i dont game much but its cool to talk about it with other people when i do tho!
44.[IanAPe] Yay go Striker (Tnks 4 lettin me run tlkfresh)
45. [iippo]
46.[Faulty Limerence] Just realized I never put my name up here. o_O
47. [Charybdis]
48. [NightTheOwl]
49. [Rochala]
50. [Jitter]
51. [Mortified Penguin]
53. [Orestez]
54. [elfprincess021] Nintendo DS and Wii! Luvs em' :D
55. [Thunder Cid]


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2007-12-30 [Tyr and Zao Hawk]: I wasn't saying that I didn't know how to steal, or steal more effectively, I was more just explaining that because of the way in which the system worked, you don't know when to really steal because of how the battles treated you before you COULD get items that allow you to steal better. And, quite frankly I'd rather just use items to refill my mana since spells are quite useful. I couldn't bring myself to waste a character's weapon slot like that... =/ they're so much more useful with actual weapons.

Yojimbo's formula isn't exactly an easy one to figure out, so ignorance isn't exactly that hard to come by on it. I've seen him do his final technique for two gold, and for 10k, and sometimes just out of nowhere. AND the sphere grid may be designed so people can fill certain rolls, but my main point was that you DO eventually make them all into the same character. Which is bothersome.

And no, on all the FF's you do not do that. on 6 each character had their own ability that only they could use. Tactics defeinitly wasn't that way, nor was 1 or 8. Eight was good because you COULDN'T make all your characters the same, since there was a limited number of summons, and each summon had certain abilities unique to it. I can't speak much on the others, because I haven't played them, but there was definitly differences in a lot of the better games.

And Cloud, in case you forget, was just as 'emo' as squall was for most of the game. They both come around, so none of that. Zell was slightly bothersome, admittedly, but a fun character to play with. I personally liked Rinoa, she was a good character... although, admittedly, somewhat tedious at times.
The Junction system was also a whole lot better than the materia system to me or, for that matter, the sphere grid and liscence systems.
And, in case you've never played it, the idea of junctioning was technically introduced in 6... or at least that was the first one I played with something like that in it. Not saying the system was the same, but it was similar. It's a good system.
As for Selphie and Siepher... Siepher was all you say, but I never did end up truly liking him. And Selphie was a bit too hyper for my tastes.
Laguna rocked though. And I will never listen to a bad word about Raine either. Those two made that game awesome as heck >.< even though they played a small part.
Oh... and Ragnarok is the best airship. Ever. <.<

For the WoW vs XI thing... i know I technically can't judge. But my point is that I know enough about the games to have a preference. WoW is too crazed for me *shrugs* and I've always been an FF fan. So that's just how that ball rolls.

And now would you mind a bit more detail defending your games? I know you last one got deleted, but it's nice to have deeper conversations.

2007-12-30 [Faulty Limerence]: Okay back to making all the characters the same. I never said "all" without the qualifier of "almost" Tactics, you could have all your characters learn every skill, and be the same class. In FF 8 you could junction 99 Ultimas in every slot and have them with pretty much the same stats. Of course there are certain things in each game that make the characters different regardless, but that goes for EVERY FF, so there's no defense of that point.
There are fights in XII where you will NOT be able to use mana. Point said, and defended.
Yojimbo doesn't do anything out of nowhere. It's all based on a formula. Learn the formula and you can make him do exactly what you want. Any complaints after that is just a lack of effort on the player to play with Yojimbo and learn the formula. Not Square's fault for introducing a complex summon.
Cloud was emo for a reason. What was Squall's reason?
You want me to be detailed? You didn't even say why you thought the Junction System was better than Materia. =P And yes, I know it was semi-introduced in six, but it's still a horribly saturated and pointless system that keeps beginners from being able to bring out the potential of their characters.
Not only can you "technically" not judge, but as FFXI is almost nothing like a traditional Final Fantasy, you can't judge at all. I'm a die-hard FF fan and I absolutely hate it. I was crazy about the idea when it was announced, but I played it and have the ability to admit that it's horrible as MMO's go. It's just not enjoyable at all. There's no motivation for leveling, which, in an MMO, means there's no real motivation for playing. I'm not even bringing up the interface. People seem to forget that WoW has as many players as it does for a reason. It may be hyped, but it's for good reason. It's a very well executed MMO. Period.

I think I'm being plenty detailed.

Still love ya Tyr. =P

By the way, I'm not going to continue a debate about the Final Fantasies. I've done it too many times and it never concludes. Waste of time, really, when you think about it. We've all got opinions and we all stick to them. Some people hate the Sphere Grid, I love it. Some people love Junctioning, I hate it. *shrugs* So yeah, I think I'm done on this argument. And for the record, I'm not mad or anything. I'm actually very glad that you have your own opinion and are willing to defend it. ^_^

2007-12-30 [Tyr and Zao Hawk]: First off <.< don't make new points in your old posts XD it confused me for a second when I looked at it. Second: Aerith... *Shudders* =P kidding.

And once again, I think you misheard me... I HAVE played a bit of XI, just not much. And I know plenty of people who have played and take it from them until I have the chance to play it a bit more. I can judge from what I know, otherwise no one would ever buy video games without playing them first. It's what reviews, trailers, and videos of gameplay are for. I'm not just saying "FF is better than WoW cause it's FF." I do a bit more reasearch than that. Kapeesh?

Squall's reasons for emoness were more complex and deep lying. Ya, it seemed like he just wanted to be a loner, but it was more of imabalance in his psyche, events from his childhood, and overall how things turned out in his life. Cloud had so much less reason. Seriously.

Also... I did mention why I thought junctioning was better. It's because it makes it so your characters can't be all the same like the materia/sphere grid systems allow. Yes you can stat you characters the same, but there's still the ability difference which you're choosing to ignore, which was my main focus =/. Admittedly I put them a bit apart from each other, but it was an easy conclusion.

As for the Yojimbo thing, like I said, I have tinkered around with him. It's just not that apparent to me. Maybe I'm overlooking something... either way, it's just not that obvious.

Speaking of which... a point I wanted to comment on... beginner's aren't supposed to know how to full on use their characters. Making things easier for them is why video games are in decline sometimes. Admittedly, some things are too hard for people to pick up, but the junctioning system is not of them. Spend time with, tink around a bit with the system, it's like Yojimbo, you just need to figure it out.

In Tactics, your character could not be a chocobo, and a Bard. That's character difference.

And it's fine that you don't want to continue because, I agree, most poeple have their own opinions which don't bend or break all that easily. I'm not mad either, it's nice to have someone to argue over things I like with XD. Makes meh happy.

So, til someone else decides to start it off again...

Watchow! <.<

2007-12-30 [Tyr and Zao Hawk]: P.S. naming the airships after the summons really only made me miss them <.< Like I said... I like the new summons (more or less) I just hated how they pawned their names off like that <.<

2007-12-30 [Faulty Limerence]: I like how the only judge that lived was on the Alexander. That made me grin a little inside.
And yes, I'd like to make several points about your last post, but I'm restraining myself. XD

2007-12-30 [Tyr and Zao Hawk]: ... <.< please, no plot spoilers XD I'm still only so far.

2007-12-31 [Mortified Penguin]: ******* nerds... *eats ramen*...

2007-12-31 [Tyr and Zao Hawk]: Ahem. I'm a gamer. *steals mort's ramen* Or, if you must, Otaku. *eats the ramen*

2007-12-31 [Mortified Penguin]: No, I must not. *eats the bowl of ramen in the other hand*

2007-12-31 [Tyr and Zao Hawk]: Then I'd prefer it if you wouldn't =P good ramen, by the way.

2007-12-31 [Mortified Penguin]: *urge to kill rising*

2007-12-31 [Tyr and Zao Hawk]: Mort. I'm not sure what kind of gamer you are, but I've play action, adnventure, fighters and RPGs all my days =P don't try to kill me unless you plan on doing it several times, assuming you make the first kill :P

2007-12-31 [Mortified Penguin]: There was poison in that ramen...

2007-12-31 [Tyr and Zao Hawk]: *drinks down an antidote* That's why I always carry a bunch of these. *tosses the empty vial away*

2007-12-31 [Mortified Penguin]: ...but... there's no antidote to exploding poison! ...duh. Stupid.

2007-12-31 [Tyr and Zao Hawk]: because exploding poison just turns into gas *shakes head* antidotes still heal it.

2008-09-27 [Taller Than You]: COOOOL!!!!! I love games Board Games, Video Games, Computer Games, etc..... The Nintendo DS rules

2008-10-14 [Kenshimaru]: i don't even wanna know

2008-10-15 [elfprincess021]: don't wanna know what? ... *gah! steals Mikey's(Taller Than You) golden zelda edition DS! mawahahaha ;P

2011-01-11 [Kenshimaru]: o.o that's a big DS

2012-11-16 Eshyla: Are you talking about the dlnaoowd-able games? If so, everything should be fine. The next generation of consoles will use the same market (PSN/XBL) as today, probably just an upgraded version. So your stuff will be saved. Too early to be thinking ahead, next consoles should be out by late 2013.

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