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The Forest! is open for anybody from advanced fighers to expert PvPers and in this forest, death is possible and prefered.

Must...hurt....stuff....Challenge people, chairs, webpages, wiki's, really anything in this humorous bashing game!

Fantasy fighter
Fight to become King (or Queen) of Fantasy fighter, a no holds barred text rpg. Use the Strategy of the elements to become the best(its also fun to beat the stuffing out of people).

Crystal Starz
A newly Created RP. Find the legendary Black Gem... the only gem not found by a Crystal user. Find this gem and get the ultimate power... or join up with a band of monsters and stop these magic users from finding their power...

death games
Challenge everyone in an all out, no rules, hard core brawl (I personaly like to throw chairs at people!!)

Cyans House Of Bushido Challenge your worst enemies! Challenge your friends!! In this no-rules-fighting-arena with whatever powers or weapons you want!!!

Fantasy King The World of fantasy and imagination comes to life. Fight for food and money and glory. JOINNNNNNNNNNNN!!

.hack battles is the best game ever!!!!! So play it! I know you want to!!

King of Kombat
You will join... you will like it... and something else. An all out way to battle it out in your favorite kind of fighting. Swords, and fists. The only thing that is keeping you from kicking someone else' butt, is YOU NOT JOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNINGGGGGGGGGG. so join...............

The Insult Arena
Challenge your friends and your enemies. Best way to settle an argument. No physical pain, only permanent psychological damage. Verbal violence galore!

Free 4 All Fighting Wiki
Fight your way, in five different arenas:Clean, Dirty, Insult Battle, Anything goes, and our all new MAGIC BATTLE!


This is a bit like Dodge ball but with a ball of FIRE

Realms of Lemire Arena - A complete game with rules, an engaging RP and several interesting NPC's choose one of 5 races and several dozen classes and fight your way to the top!

The Multiverse Arena The newest addition to the fighting text game selection. Challenge your friends, your enemies, people you've never heard of or any of my NPCs in a fight to the death. Choose from 6 premade arenas, or add your own. Join today!


Magnificent Duel!- the time for a new champion has arrived! steel yourselves and prepare to duel! FOR GREAT JUSTICE!(Once you get the swing of the rules I'm sure this will be a great game)

Sufferage:A world submurged in war where you can ethier fight for power or freedom

Word Games


3 Word Story - The English version of the popular wiki. Come tell your story (or mess up someone else's!)

A fun new game! Very few rules, the sort of thing you can enjoy for a while, get bored with, and come back to later......join today! Fortunately-Unfortunately

The Everchanging story
Feel like a natural born writer but can't stay on one thing more than five minutes?
Then here is where you can use your writers skills!

The Amazing One Word Story.
A combination of the Everchanging story and the word association game.

The Awesome Game of This_and_that!!!
Where you must go and read the directions because I can not write a small description....

Nonsense is all about life... Gummy Bear-style!
Come in and add a sentence to the story! Step in and check it out!

The Mysterious Fun That is tig
A completely strange oddity of a game, straight from the set of Lord of the Rings.

Eng 3; the english version of the 3 word story, Much MUCH MUCH fun will be had.

4word: A simple new word game where you make up your own 4 word sentence where all the words have the same first letter.

The Script: join toghther and write an unusal script.

Doublets: NEW! The idea is to change a word into another word by just altering one letter at a time. Surprisingly frustrating when you don't manage, but so rewarding when you do!

Make a Verse! Come and add a verse to an ever-changing song! Be it silly or serious, tame or perverted, come add a verse!

Fantasy Satire
Come all ye tired of stock fantasy and create And hopefully fun.



Come and play The Obscure Cliche Game! it's fun...u'll love it.
Come, and write whatever obscure cliches you can think of, two different sections, come and see!!!

Word Association
A fun game that doesn't take more than a first line of thought.

Wiki-Word Addition
The latest word game invented. Come play and figure out how fun it gets ^_^

The License Plate Game
You need to be creative but you only have a few letters to work with. Can you handle it?

Come share your favorite Sayings with everyone!

The Comedy Club
Come and make some comedy!!

Violent People List
Put your name and your favorite act of violence here. PLEASE KEEP THIS CLEAN.

Bob's Diner
Come and eat at Bob's! Just don't go in the bathroom...

mr. influence A good role model fer tha children!

Simulation Games


Native Dispute
This cool simulator has 35 Tribesthat need to be filled come and join!(leave a message for me and I'll get back to you!

ETSL: A ground breaking game, the ElfTown Soccer League! Oh my god it's complicated but it will be great some day.

The ChessBoard: Do you like chess? Would you like to play chess in Elftown? If so come here where you can play... Tiddlywinks! (only joking, it's chess really)

The Volcano
A game where you act as a lawyer for a one of a few select suspects. Try to convince the chief that your defendant should not be the one to get thrown into a volcano, or suffer the consequences. Ouch, hot! AAARRRRGGGHHH!!. Good luck! Tournament going on soon!

Elftown's hideout OPENED JOIN NOW
Tired of living above? Join the underworld, the place for thieves and robbers. Buy your equipment and work together with others to earn it.



Who Killed Rick Rotter?
By [Lady Chaos]
Read the story (it's not very long) and vote for who you suspect did it on my poll!

Movie Quote Game!
Try to guess where the quote is from!

Adoption Agency
Do you want to adopt a pet of elftown? Do you want to be adopted by a person of elftown? Are you just plain bored???? click here NOW!!!!

Join the Wikiwakitag Game! It's fun!

The Riddle House
Come in and tell a riddle, or just try to solve a riddle.

The sequel to the popular Flexxrocks game!

aftermidnight pagewhere you write the most annoying things you can think of and try to annoy the other people on the page.

The Namefinder! Where you can get a new race-name - or multiple - of most races you can think of!

Maze of Guile
G- go there?

Clubs with Games


Are u deprived of sleep? Do you need some one to talk to during the late hours of the night? If u do join this club now!!!!


Join us in The Grand Riders!
Want to ride a horse? A dragon? A wolf? A mutant chicken crossbred with a half donkey, half gorrilla? Now's your chance!

Blue Pirates Port- Do you like swashbuckling fun? Well, check it out, I don't feel like explaining it, so just check it out.

Gundam War - The largest Gundam RPG on elftown, unfortunatley nearly inactive though, so, WE NEED YOU to join Gundam War. Fight for either ZEon or the Federation, the chice is yours, wealth and glory to the victors, woe and misery to the fallen...

Soldier of The Fort
Join the garrison at Fort Eternity and see if you can stand being a soldier in this fort.

once upon a time writers club
publish your stories and enter or create fun contests

Future Projects

Gaming Extentions Proposal - Please give your opinions.

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2003-04-08 [SsrVoice]: comments no comments so I'm commenting feel free to comment on my comment and share your commenting skills

2003-04-10 [Silasire]: my commenting skills are lacking as much as your vocabulary.

2003-04-25 [Kiki-Bird]: I'd comment, but I don't have any vocabulary....

2003-04-26 [Silasire]: Ugh ugh

2003-04-26 [Aristotle]: Yup, that's right. The Insult Arena is now public. It's too good to keep from everybody. Plus, I had a shortage of fighters...

2003-05-23 [elfboy]: Hey! There's a place that you can insult people for fun! This place rules!

2003-05-23 [skeevy]: I am tenative, but shall dual to the best of my insulting ability. May your testes wither to the size of raisins and then be eaten by hungry marsupials! *slinks away*

2003-06-06 [Silasire]: thats not an insult. its a deranged hope.

2003-06-06 [Avaz]: deranged hope. LMAO I have to keep that one in mind for later use :D

2003-06-16 [Navu]: That was just cold, skeevy. *bows* May the same happen to you*

2003-06-17 [skeevy]: ah, but you see, I lack the testes, and thus fear no evil.

2003-07-02 [Scarlet Lioness]: wait...oh!

2003-07-02 [Scarlet Lioness]: ok, was your...ummm..."testes" cut off? I'm sorry to hear that...

2003-07-06 [skeevy]: well, being born female and remaining thus since then, I've never needed that surgery. Have you had problems with your own genetalia, to go around making suppositions about other people?

2003-07-06 [Zibling]: This comment page is going downhill...:o

2003-07-08 [spiritee]: obviously...

2003-07-10 [adamspalding]: this is so not fun i think i'll go 2 sleep

2003-07-19 [nocturnia]: anyone else incredibly bored?

2003-07-20 [wolf_whisperer]: i am bored!!!! im new here and have no idea wut is going on ^-^'

2003-07-20 [wolf_whisperer]: can comeone write me and be my friend and tell me stuff so i am less confuzed ^-^' pzzzz

2003-07-23 [LisaFaerie]: Y'know what I like about you guys? Most of you bother to use proper grammar. .: I love you. Except the ones who don't.

2003-07-23 [LisaFaerie]: I?

2003-07-28 [Avaz]: I think they think of it this way... as long as they aren't gonna be graded on it, why bother? ;P

2003-07-31 [LisaFaerie]: But most don't realize that they are graded on it. It may not be a letter or number grade like in school, and you may never find out your score, but people keep track.

2003-07-31 [britt-brat]: any hot guy's want to talk

2003-08-03 [Glennin]: ne one here?

2003-08-04 [Aradon Templar]: sure... this board is usually completely inactive, though, so I've never typed anything. :/

2003-08-04 [Aradon Templar]: of course, the prevous bits of comments went completely bad, so nobody has dared try commenting ;)

2003-08-04 [Avaz]: Who wants to associate with moldy comments anyhow? :P

2003-08-04 [Jewl]: Hey, the sofa is pretty enchanting! lol

2003-08-04 [Aradon Templar]: sofa? pls... i think it is going downhill once more *rolls his eyes*

2003-08-04 [Jewl]: nothing, it was from the pub

2003-08-04 [Aradon Templar]: *shrugs*

2003-08-14 [Shantoku]: Eck...This is an awkward notion: where'd the "testes" come from?

2003-08-15 [Avaz]: Shantoku, I believe you should move your text adventure to the text adventure page, where it rightfully belongs.

2003-08-21 [Haven]: .

2003-08-22 [Zana]: I am new and lost

2003-08-23 [Jewl]: not a real comment, but: WHAT?!?!?!?!!?

2003-09-01 [Glennin]: lalalal so bored

2003-09-09 [niee]: wear do I join a roie playing game

2003-09-09 [Avaz]: [niee], you can try the text adventures section. :P As for me, I'm going to clean up this games wiki, since it appears not many people understand what IS a game IS NOT a text adventure *slightly getting peeved* |:-|

2003-09-09 [Aradon Templar]: darn, you should have made a note in the page that The Drow was taken off the list of games, or at least created a link to it in the text adventures!

2003-09-10 [Avaz]: there was a link to the drow in text adventures, I believe. I wouldn't just delete it without putting it where it should go. that's just wrong :) Yeah, I'm pretty sure I saw it in text adventures.

2003-09-11 [niee]: is [hawk7] there

2003-09-13 [bubbles21]: hey people what's up

2003-09-15 [Glennin]: CALEB i know what ur talkin about, where did it go?? *crys*

2003-09-15 [KayuzaReborn_LS]: hey whats up all!

2003-09-19 [Zhan]: I'm bored. This place is really big

2003-09-20 [Aradon Templar]: ... i had to make a link. thats why yu saw one.

2003-09-28 [Ilegias]: wheres the "academy?"

2003-09-30 [chainer123]: hi people

2003-09-30 [wattsbabe13]: is anybody here

2003-10-04 [Aradon Templar]: yeah. Look at the new game ^_^ its huge, but not finished yet...

2003-10-04 [elfboy]: Hello!

2003-10-11 [Kyromanic]: i'm ever so con-fu-zed

2003-10-11 [Kyromanic]: *tear*

2003-10-13 [Aradon Templar]: why?

2003-10-24 [adelnay]: I DON'T GET IT! HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!...PLEASE '.'

2003-10-24 [Aradon Templar]: what do yu need help on?

2003-10-26 [Jacco]: Hey, I made a 3 word story here on wiki.. can I insert the link on this page too.. There's only one prob.. only Dutch people can take part in it... but I translated for the English people around here. Take a look at the page: 3

2003-10-26 [billbuckner]: A big "Hello!" from the resident republican opressive slavemaster!

2003-10-27 [Sorshia Queen of the shadows]: Ya all Mad

2003-10-27 [Sorshia Queen of the shadows]: is anybody chatin

2003-11-07 [niee]: hi

2003-11-07 [niee]: some one tawk to me.

2003-11-07 [Kit Azhure]: hai

2003-11-09 [Questyn]: Is this a game?

2003-11-11 [Crazy G]: this site needs a real battle site.. were ppl can battle rap an shit..... plz i'll controle it if ya want or whateva...

2003-11-15 [Dragon Hunter_2004]: hey

2003-11-17 [Klasper]: WOOOOOOOOOOOO

2003-11-19 [spiritee]: <poll:9904> ^^

2003-11-26 [Avaz]: I SAID NO H1 TAGS DAMMIT! I deleted whoever posted that last one with the h1 tag.

2003-12-16 [littlekiss89]: hey

2003-12-26 [Chel.]: Check out my Fashion Art Contest!!!!!

2003-12-31 [*lauren]: how do u start a wiki page thing?

2004-01-05 [Aradon Templar]: pretty easy. look on the sidebar to the right on this page. find where it says "Go to wiki-page", and type in the name of the page you want to create. then click go, and edit the page however you want.

2004-01-16 [Solstice Seraph]: How do I make a wiki? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-01-16 [Aradon Templar]: look at my comment above yur comment. that should explain it. or yu could find the wiki-guides on the index

2004-01-25 [Yautja_Elder]: hi

2004-02-03 [BadAzzGurl17]: hey all!

2004-02-03 [Aradon Templar]: hi ^_^

2004-02-19 [Avaz]: If someone could organize this page, that'd be great. Maybe group them according to the type of game it is? I just don't have the time to organize it myself, or I would. It's kinda gotten outta hand here, eh?

2004-02-19 [Aradon Templar]: a bit... not much going on, really. I'll see what I can do in a few minutes...

2004-02-19 [Aradon Templar]: half done...

2004-02-19 [Aradon Templar]: i gotta go for now. stuff to do tonight. finish it later, k?

2004-02-20 [Avaz]: Dashiva, thanks a lot. I really appreciate the help! ^_^ *hug*

2004-02-20 [Aradon Templar]: I'm gonna finish it up tonight, I hope. *gets busy* in a few minutes :)

2004-02-20 [Aradon Templar]: hey.. there are a couple of games I'm having trouble classifying, mainly cause they are rp's and clubs. I'll just leave them on the bottom, and make a miscellaneous section.

2004-02-20 [Aradon Templar]: Done ^^

2004-02-26 [lylorie]: Yay! you made it in sections, it looks alot better then ramdom stuff.

2004-03-05 [kate, short for bob!]: wheres the adoption agency gone?

2004-03-06 [Aradon Templar]: under miscellaneous, second in the section

2004-03-08 [kate, short for bob!]: thank you

2004-03-09 [Chel.]: Check out my Fashion Art Contest although it's over you can vote for your fave at....<poll:15689>

2004-03-10 [Aradon Templar]: um, imsomniacs club was moved to the club section, and in the future, please don't put club links in the games department...

2004-03-19 [Avaz]: I changed the wording of the H1 warning, so it doesn't look so hypocritical to say no using h1, h2, etc, and then end up having h2 all over the page, hehe :)

2004-03-19 [Aradon Templar]: lol ok

2004-03-31 [BobbyRay]: What defines a "Clubs with Games" page?

2004-03-31 [Aradon Templar]: Its kinda a group that I made cause the wikis were more clubbish than game-ish.... I would say they belong in "clubs" rather than the games section, lol... I didn't think they actually belong here. If necessary, I would say a group of people who are a club, but their activities are more game related- such as: Perhaps a club plays freeze-tag on their page (not that that works very well ^.^). That would be a club that plays games... I guess. I didn't want people to add to it, lol...

2004-03-31 [Aradon Templar]: If you think yours belongs there, give me the link and I'll check it out, though.

2004-04-02 [BobbyRay]: ok my Game is up. It's in Sims called SSX T-Wiki. JOIN! EVERYONE!

2004-04-02 [BobbyRay]: What does the D20 thing on the side bar mean? I know what a D20 is in RPG terms is it the same?

2004-04-03 [Aradon Templar]: ok ^_^

2004-04-03 [BobbyRay]: How do we become Elftown crew members? i was just wondering. I didn't see it anywhere but maybe i just overlooked it? does anyone know?

2004-04-03 [Aradon Templar]: im not sure.... probably check out the index and find the crew page, if they have one, and ask...

2004-04-08 [ERRIN]: is any one on this or am i talking to my self

2004-04-08 [ERRIN]: ...

2004-04-08 [Aradon Templar]: probably... you gotta wait a day or so for some comments...

2004-04-09 [Avaz]: Exactly.... It's comments, not a chatroom.

2004-04-09 [Aradon Templar]: Right. The chatroom is on 'Mainstreet'.

2004-04-17 [Carol Lynn]: I got my wiki rpg done i just can't figure out how to get it on this page!

2004-04-17 [Aradon Templar]: rpgs dont go on here

2004-04-17 [Carol Lynn]: so it should go under text adventure.

2004-04-17 [Aradon Templar]: yeah... different page.

2004-05-05 [The little green guy]: what is this

2004-05-05 [Aradon Templar]: I'm giving this page five minutes to be restored to normal if someone was changing something, or else i'm reporting you, Flexxx...

2004-05-05 [Aradon Templar]: ten minutes is up. I'm going to restore the page.

2004-05-06 [Avaz]: Thanks for helping keep this page under control, TotL :) I'm not here enough anymore to do it myself..

2004-05-06 [Aradon Templar]: :) Np... Though, he never answered why he did it... I just reported him now...

2004-05-06 [Avaz]: Good call... Though it might just have been a noob who didn't know what was going on. It would have been nice to at least -try- to get an explanation, but it still does look deliberate. >.>

2004-05-06 [Aradon Templar]: nope, wasn't a noob. He has a game on here called Flexxxrocks2 or something like that... I tried it, but I don't think he's watching the page o.O Anyways, he's been ET for a while, so definately not new...

2004-05-18 [BobbyRay]: WHAT THE HECK?

2004-05-18 [BobbyRay]: Some [Jake85] just changed everything...

2004-05-18 [BobbyRay]: He did it on the other text pages to.

2004-05-18 [Aradon Templar]: Wow... People seem to enjoy messing this page up, lol

2004-05-21 [mrocky]: hello im new, i was just wondering why in the whole cyberworld, why i cant seem to find my way to creating a elfwood page for me to post all of my art one will help me AGGGGHHH

2004-05-23 [Aradon Templar]: Not the place to ask that... I dunno how exactly to get an elfwood account. However, if you want a page for putting all the pics up on on here, you can get a wikipage...

2004-06-07 [Luna911]: blah!

2004-06-11 [Fearless Dragon]: gets gun and shoots Luna911

2004-06-12 [Lankan_Warrior]: how do u make ur own rpg game?

2004-06-13 [Aradon Templar]: Eh, I sent you the message :) But don't post the game on here, it goes on Text, under the proper alphabetical heading... :)

2004-07-03 [faeries_oracle27]: Does anyone know any good games on here?\

2004-07-04 [Aradon Templar]: hmm... Tig... Wiki-Word Addition... Shinkendo Bought.... They're good... The Comedy Clubs nice, too :)

2004-07-07 [BobbyRay]: Too bad nobody re-joined SB once it was revamped. *coughcough*

2004-07-07 [Aradon Templar]: Heh, I still play, if anyone edits...

2004-07-07 [BobbyRay]: ...O_o Ya but none of the people that were previous members rejoined. Anyway I have a new game idea on the way. It will be better than the other games here because you cannot merely choose whether you succelsfully dodge an attack or not...

2004-08-16 [Sagacious Turkey]:


2004-09-30 [BobbyRay]: Ok, I'm gonna try this introducing SET! (Samurai in Elftown...Or should it be Samurai of Elftown?) which unforchantely isn't completed, or started for that matter!

2004-09-30 [BobbyRay]: If I had A working photoshop program at home I could make a banner but alas I don't so I'll have to wait until tomorrow at school...

2004-09-30 [Duredhel]: Hey Ray did you ever finish that other wiki you were working on? Dun remember its name, medieval thingie of the sorts

2004-09-30 [BobbyRay]: Nope, It was going good and then all work just stopped. I have a bad tendency to suddenly hate a wiki I'm working on. This isn't gonna happen with this one though...

2004-09-30 [BobbyRay]: The Dark Ages I think...

2004-09-30 [BobbyRay]: Anyway now I've changed SET to of instead of in.

2004-09-30 [BobbyRay]: In the meantime I'm gonna make a game about hacky-sack...

2004-09-30 [BobbyRay]: Or maybe it'll be a minigame...

2004-10-01 [Duredhel]: did you check my tactics project? Lemirian Tactics i'm currently working towards the point where i wont have time to contact the world outside ET ever again

2004-10-01 [BobbyRay]: lol, ya ET sucks up a lot of my time.

2004-10-01 [Aradon Templar]: You aren't the first to try that, Duredhel. People just don't have that kind of time, and they all fail. Check out my abandoned one: The Wheel of Time Simulator

2004-10-01 [Duredhel]: lol ^^ well it seems you did not have very good people then. RoL and RoL Arena have mostly been testing grounds for people, if they made it through those 2, i dont think they'll fail me.

2004-10-11 [BobbyRay]: Ya I hope SET attracts some people so it'll be fun.

2004-10-11 [BobbyRay]: Now it has a banner! I can't seem to get transparent parts of pictures to work on elftown though which bums me...

2005-01-15 [SilverFire]: *has posted all the RP's that should be on the Text pages in their right place*... So I guess you kin' delete them from that section now, if you want Tempie :)

2005-03-14 [XxBassPlayaxX]: Hey everyone....i just made a new rpg called Silent Assasins please check it out!

2005-03-25 [behbixangel]: sum1 help me plz ima like clueless

2005-08-12 [twitchboy]: i have a wiki now yah

2005-08-26 [coochycoo]: to behbixangel: you go to a wiki, and at the bottom of the page it says edit this page. you press on it and thyen you can write whatever you want. then go back to the bottom and press submit changes.

2005-08-30 [Vampire_Soul]: Dang, My wiki game died after only a year or two... Geez, for a first wiki it wasn't to bad... You know what, I pat myself on the back, but now It's time for Reign's link to go buh bye now... :)

2005-09-10 [gingerhybrid]: New forum... Copy and paste into your browser now and go to the best gaming forum ever

2005-09-10 [gingerhybrid]: I think it is anyway

2005-09-10 [Chetleon]: screw spelling but what i meant to say was howm do i get in a wiki?

2005-09-14 [SilverFire]: Nah, is a game, that is a recruiting link.

2005-10-04 [hodge_man]: does anyone no a game like you dont have to download it .theres a free and members version and you can play with people all around the world. this is my favorite game but im looking for a new game(because i keep dieing) another game i like is its cool

2005-10-31 [Melocrie]: Better than runescape, I think.

2005-11-30 [The Naiad]: Hey peeps, join my new werewolf/ vampire/ human wiki - it's set in Paris!!! If interested go to: Le Café du Lion D'or. C'mon I'm the only member right now. :'(

2006-06-10 [FINAL FANTASY 13 TRAILER IS OUT!my page]: hay all to be honest im sick of elftown having all the good rp's and rp wikis so i am making one on elfpack its really advanced and is still in production but message me if you introested in joining it or helping out (remember its on elfpack not elftown)

2006-06-10 [SilverFire]: It's hardly ET's fault that the type of member that starts RPs isn't on EP.

2006-06-10 [FINAL FANTASY 13 TRAILER IS OUT!my page]: i know but im trying to build a wiki so we can get some people to move toelfpack im not blaiming elftown of anything

2006-06-10 [FINAL FANTASY 13 TRAILER IS OUT!my page]: Final fantasy 13 traliers have been realesed it is so good it looks like the greatest final fantasy to come so far. heres the trailer yesyes i know this is spaming im sorry but it needs to be done. Dont ban me hehe

2006-06-10 [SilverFire]: problem: People are on ET because they don't *want* to be on EP. >_< Why do you want people to move to EP? :S

2006-06-11 [Aradon Templar]: Spam hardly needs to be done. Considering I'm an FF fan, I'll let it slide. But I'd be more excited about FF XII, which is due to be out anytime (if it's not out already).

2006-07-13 [Stephen]: Hmmmm....

2007-01-11 [Chánt飣é]: la la la sing a song

2007-05-03 [Hiuko]: So if I have a wiki to put up I can just put it up right?

2007-05-03 [Aradon Templar]: Yes. Try to fit it under the right category, too, so people will be able to find it.

2007-05-03 [Hiuko]: Why isn't the link to my wiki working?

2007-05-03 [Aradon Templar]: I can't be sure. It is something to do with its location, though. I'm moving it to the top of the Arena list, because it works there. It just doesn't work in the bottom. I'm not sure why, though I suspect a combination of letters throughout the pages is forming some sort of weird coding problem.

2007-05-03 [Aradon Templar]: Well, actually, that doesn't seem to solve the problem. Now the 3 word story link doesn't work. I'm going to ask about this o.O

2007-05-03 [SilverFire]: Fixered.:)

2007-05-03 [Hiuko]: So what exactly was wrong with it?

2007-05-03 [SilverFire]: The link for the wiki above ended with a '}' instead of ']'.

2007-05-03 [Hiuko]: and that caused a problem? Wierd but I supose that's how the coding for elftown work.

2007-05-03 [SilverFire]: *blink* Of course it caused a problem - it mmight be odd that it causes a problem for the link below, rather than for itself, but the fact that it causes a problem at all? Nothing weird in that. It's like opening a bold tag and forgetting to close it.

2007-05-03 [Hiuko]: I suppose but at lease the wiki warns you if you don't close off the bolding.

2007-05-03 [SilverFire]: The wiki tag is slightly more complicated. :3 But it's all fixered now.

2007-05-03 [Hiuko]: good cool.

2007-05-04 [Aradon Templar]: Thank you Silvie :)

2007-05-04 [SilverFire]: No problem. :P It's quite hard to distinguish between the ']' and '}' in the wiki edit box (it is on my machine, anyway). :)

2007-07-15 [deadlynight shade]:

2011-11-03 [SilverFire]: spam deleted.

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