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Every gamer out there has had that weak moment where they turn to another source to find out how to do/acquire/beat something. Well this is the website that everyone should go to during those times of weakness.

But it doesn't just stop at cheat codes, FAQS, and walk-throughs. It also has discussion forums for more specific help or discussing an upcoming/recently announced game. This is truly a gaming help website made for the gamers and by the gamers. You are even able to submit your own glitches/Easter eggs/walk-throughs, which are then looked over and double checked to make sure people don't submit awful things.

The best thing is that they have game info for more then just your modern consoles, you can look up info on games for consoles as old as or older then the Atari 2600. They even have options for arcade games that you can peruse.

Over all I absolutely love this site and know that every gamer out there will find this to be the ultimate website when it comes to FAQS and walk-throughs.
/ [Lord Josmar]

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