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WFR Game Systems and Copyright Statement

WFR Rules & Guidelines

When considering what sort of story, plot elements, style and rules to integrate into your wiki-game setting, a common use of published information can often be a big help, whether from a novel or similar publication... One of the most inspirational, standardized, thorough and mostly understandable methods is by using a published campaign, game system or roleplaying supplemental material, and its commonly-used inferences, statistics and information.

     The WFR is a proud proponent of originality and creative writing. We also understand that many players and Game Moderators will utilize published game systems materials in their stories and games, not because they lack originality, but because most often the published material is widely-known and readily available, so that Moderators can put more time into playing with their peers instead of posting huge informational pages. (Mind you, we like info pages too, though.)

     All Guild Members and Elftowners are asked to understand and follow procedures for referencing copyrighted, published, and original material and information. Please understand that anything dubbed 'd20-system-specific' is in violation of abusing the use of a trademark gaming method. However, the use of any sided die/dice, percentile, math methods, etc. are applicable to any game or story, under the decision of the wiki's Game Moderator, and that any system can be developed or used that suits the GM's and Player's fancy, provided it stays legal (including gambling... fantasy only, boys!). Please be aware of the Uploading Art Rules, and Copyright and Intellectual Property Information, and exercise rationality and professionalism in creating new or inspired stories, games, characters, campaigns, etc.

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2006-02-27 [xido]: Personally include a statement about Wizards materials and personal endorsements on D&D game info and elements.

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