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2006-07-08 17:56:24
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Game Room 1

O.K. The first game is here! *trumpets sound* Below is the Letters that need to be turned into a phrase. Put your name and phrase next to a number below. Have fun! THERE DOES NOT NEED TO BE 10 PEOPLE BUT THERE CAN ONLY BE 10.


1) All Named Creatures Who Live Here [Cookieholic]

2)Adam now cannot wear large hair ties. [Lady_Elowyn]

3) And now, concentrate wearing low heels. [iippo]

4)All Nude Cats Will Love Heights [The Slave Queen]

5) And now cease with loving him! [Janouk]

6) After Ninety Centuries We Left Home. [Janouk]

7) Ain't no cryin' while ladies holler! [Seamus Schwathe]

8) Aren't no cheeses worth laughing hat! [IcyFollower]

9) Any New Canines Want Licked Hard? [Ayame the Snake]


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2005-01-21 [cheesecake]: back to The License Plate Game

2005-01-21 [cheesecake]: back to The License Plate Game

2005-06-28 [Lady_Elowyn]: lol, I found a strategy to make mine unique... All of those words are real, I can prove it!

2005-07-04 [The Slave Queen]: oo, thats not fair!! jk

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