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2008-03-09 05:10:20
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[Galatea]'s Portfolio

Week One: Perspective

Title: After School Programs


*Don't you hate it when you are studying after school and someone lets the dragon out of the science lab?*

Week Two: Promise

Title: Future Hope


Week Three: Classic

Title: Classic Beauty


*Drawn from a sculpture of mine*

Week Four: Sunrise on a Bridge

Title: Watching the Day Begin


*Painted in watercolor*

Week Five: Beauty

Week Six: Alea iacta est

Title: Consequences


Week Seven: Journeys

Week Eight: Delusion

Title: Our Lying Eyes


Week Nine: Fake

Week Ten: Bare / Miracle / Oasis / Sandman / Valhalla

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2008-01-07 [Galatea]: Thank you darlin, I myself am not too fond of it...the colouring just killed it. :(

2008-01-08 [Azuri]: I loves it :D

2008-01-08 [Galatea]: Thank you darlin!

2008-01-09 [Azuri]: :D I have it on watch so I can see them all :D

2008-01-09 [Galatea]: Awesome!

2008-02-07 [Azuri]: Wow your new pictures are really awesome! I'm jealous of the watercolors, I can't do it for shit.

2008-02-07 [Galatea]: Thank you so much sweetie!:)...I actually really dislike that didn't turn out at all like I wanted it to. I want to use watercolors so badly but I really hate the way they turn out with me!

2008-02-07 [Azuri]: Hey at least you can keep the colors in the lines, I can't even do that!

I wanna use them too, but alas I suck -_-'

2008-02-07 [Galatea]: I guess we should just keep practicing. :) There is a young woman on here that is awesome with them! I envy her!! [The Girl In The Tree]

2008-02-07 [Azuri]: Yup sure do ^_^ and OMG she really is amazing...

2008-02-07 [Galatea]: Isn't she just!?!

2008-02-08 [Easterling]: Yey!! New pictures! And they are amazing! :D

2008-02-08 [Galatea]: Thank you sweetheart! :D I still have 3 more to work on!! O_O

2008-02-10 [Easterling]: I've waaay behind, too. But at least I finished a picture for "Classic" this week. :)

2008-02-10 [Galatea]: YAY!! :D I can't wait to see it!

2008-02-27 [Easterling]: That's a really good picture..!

2008-02-27 [Galatea]: Thank you lovie!

2008-04-03 [Chrysilla]: Wow, I like the "Delusion" idea! *claps*

2008-04-03 [Galatea]: Thank you very much! has some personal meaning. :)

2008-04-14 [Jitter]: I love the delusion as well!

2008-04-15 [Galatea]: Thank you so much!! :D

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