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2004-03-24 14:41:39
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GLU's St. Patty's Day Contest!



GIR Lovers United!

is hosting a St. Patrick's Day contest!

This Contest Is Officially Closed!

This is the Contest Banner:


Put it up in your house page if you participated or if you just want to Advertise the Contest.



First Place:

Number of votes: 15 (50%)



Second Place:

Number of votes: 6 (20%)



Congrats to the winners and all the Participants!!! YAY!!! *Does Her St. Patrick's Day Jig*

Start the entries here:

1.) [Mom] St Patty Fairy


2.) [fortunati draconi] He's colored now!! ^_^ WOo!!!

3.) [Blue Fish] Yes!I got it colored!eeeyay!hope yall like it!

4.) [Morgan le Fay] - Adobe decided to jam so I had to color it with my crappy paint program, but it was fun!

5.) [Malnu] The Luck of the Leprechaun. Finished just in time too. (hottub pimpin')

6. [irulan] A St. Paddy's Dragon - inspired by some clipart of all things! 

7. [Rennie] It was an idea...:D


Take me back home to GIR Lovers United!


(*Note: the "Three leaf clover image bar" image is from the Free Graphics Website, I do NOT claim these pictures/bars as my own.)

Username (or number or email):


2004-03-17 [Davorah]: Yar!

2004-03-18 [Rennie]: ooh thanks Mal...*hugs* sorry, brain fried lately...

2004-03-18 [Davorah]: I workin on the second place badge right now!

2004-03-19 [ifjaiefiepqhibc l]: Well, st. Paddy's is important to us Irish (Come on, the guy drove all the snakes out of Ireland, into England, where they became politicians), and maybe instead of desperately wanting to be Irish and celtic this and celtic that, you could get the name right. Well Troy is my fave, though who would say no to Wullie?

2004-03-19 [Davorah]: "and maybe instead of desperately wanting to be Irish and celtic this and celtic that, you could get the name right. " Who EVER said I was trying to desperately be anything...Lets keep the rude comments to ourselves Bub...Don't make me have to report you...AND its staying St' Patty...b/c the contest is over so get over yourself...

2004-03-19 [Malnu]: what's in a name anyway.... everyone who sees this contest knows exactlly what it is about, regardless of the spelling.

2004-03-19 [ifjaiefiepqhibc l]: Right, obviously trying to have a discussion here is futile. And selaria, I wasn't singling you out, just people in general. My point is, people should be picky and irritating about it, because apathy is the root of all evil. And I really DO NOT see how what I said was rude and in need of being "reported", if we're not able to discuss things like spelling, what is the world coming to?

2004-03-19 [Davorah]: Well I apologize if what you said wasn't meant to be taken as hostile...That's what it seemed like to me, I had been getting hostile messages all day...Grrr I hate stupid people that dont know what they're talking about!!! *No worries Troy! We'll shake on it!* I just had a lot of stupid little kids ragging on me...LOL! They stopped though...

2004-03-19 [Davorah]: And you DID say "you could get the name right." So I believed what you said to be directed at me...And your sentence, "maybe instead of desperately wanting to be Irish and celtic this and celtic that" was what I thought you said to be rude and very offencive...So do you understand where I was coming from when I got hostile?

2004-03-20 [ifjaiefiepqhibc l]: Well, I did mean "you" in the plural sense, but you couldn't have known that. I did not mean to sound obnoxious or arrogant (which, reading over what I wrote, I did) but it's hard growing up with a da who want's everything CORRECT. Mainly, I wanted to establish that it's DD, not TT. Well, little kids, I understand perfectly. **shakes on it**

2004-03-20 [Malnu]: he said TT  =P **laughs hysterically**

2004-03-20 [Davorah]: LOL! =P

2004-03-23 [Rennie]: oh jeez...:D

2004-03-23 [Rennie]: this was a cool freakin' contest though! :D

2004-03-23 [Davorah]: Hehe! Last day for voting everyone! Get your votes in!

2004-03-24 [Davorah]: we got the winners up everyone!!!

2004-03-25 [Rennie]: *grins* wootness ^_^

2004-03-25 [Davorah]: Ooo! I made the easter one now! LOL! Contest after would think I was crazy...well...I go visit it now then yet! I need to finish my college financial aid crap! LOL!

2004-03-28 [Rennie]: I have a pic, I will enter it tomorrow :)

2004-03-29 [Davorah]: yay!

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