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This is for the characters of GDP. Be descriptive with your characters please!!

*Note: Not all characters can have a fragment of the pendant! I'm limiting it to two more being available, so that the other three can still be available for search! Also, in the beginning it is not known what exactly these pendants are for...

Character Name: Neneh
Age: 19
Gender: female
Description: Neneh has luxurious, wavy, black hair that is relatively short and worn in an elegant, yet weird style. She has stunning, emerald green eyes with faint, gold and silver flecks mixed in to their depths. She is well rounded, being neither overly small nor overly large. She stands at 5' even, being shorter than most girls her age but not finding it to be a disadvantage in any way. Neneh tends to wear loose-fitting uniforms, especially a dark blue one with a pale blue patch on the right breast that had initially signified her high rank. She has simple, black leather boots as well.
History: After failing miserably during one of her quests for the king of Sotiro, Neneh was left with a half-life and exiled from her homeland. She is seeking the dark mage that stripped her of her true life, as well as uncovering the mysterious series of events that could lead to something on an apocalyptic scale.

Due to her previous high-ranking, and closeness to the king, a closeness akin to father and daughter, she is often targeted by would-be kidnappers or assassins. The king, Achen, has a daughter called Reáper, who has long been jealous of their close relationship. It was she who hired the dark mage, desiring, more than anything, to get rid of Neneh for her own corrupted reasons. Neneh is in possesion of the shadow fragment of the GDP, she was entrusted with it by her late mother at an early age.
Weapons: She wields a long scythe-like weapon with a spearhead on one end and three curving blades on the other. Thy scythe's blades are a deep green, though they are inlaid with swirls of silver and gold. She also has several magical abilities, her strongest being the power of shadow- enhanced by the shadow GDP that she possesses.

Username: [loonygirl2005]
Character: Mira
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Description: Mira has shoulder length brown hair, with a built figure. She is fairly strong despite her petite frame she is about 5’5. Not really tall but has a sweet personality and a sharp mind. She does not see herself as a beauty; she would rather be smart then pretty. She has olive fair skin. She wears conservative clothing not showing any skin. Her eyes are ocean blue color but can have a green tint added to them.

History: A princess with a longing for democratic idealism to spread in her absolute monarch country. She is the eldest of her family. Her mother Latonya is slowly introducing the idea but talk in the council of convicting Latonya of treason. Mira’s mother became suspicious of the councils betrayal and wish to take over Sasionate. Mira’s recently celebrated her 20th birthday and Latonya has been working hard to get her daughter of the country. The reign of terror would begin as soon as her daughter is gone, the council leering at Mira hastened Latonya’s action. Mira always studied everything and anything she could get her hands on. She was not a very social monarch and Latonya thought this would be good for her daughter. Soon after Latonya sent Mira to her grandmother out of Sasionate, there she is worrying about her mother.

Weapons: She uses a crossbow, and is learning how to use the whip her grandmother claimed is the source of passion from the women in her line. She is also uses a staff to casts spells.

(not done by me, found on epilogue art"
Username: [Silver Moon]

Character Name: Trissa
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Description: A beautiful girl, with long, silky, wavy hair.It looks to be almost a platinum silver.Her eyes are a deep purple.she is tall and slender.
History: She is the last surviver of a barbarian tribe. She feels little remorse for the loss of her village, as she was cast out at a young age due to her appearance, and her peoples superstitions.
There is a unknown mystery to her past which she seems to fear, she is tormented by a man named Hyate, who seems to desire her.
She is strong willed and highly intelligent.She is able to commune with nature, and holds little respect for society.She is a little distrustful towards others due to the way she has been treated. She was raised since the age of 4 by wolves.
She was a slave and escaped recently, she made a friendship with a panther who is her companion. She holds in her possession, the green piece, for wilderness, it was brought to her by an animal. She has protected it for as long as she can remember, and can't understand why others seek it. It is fashioned into a choker necklace.

Weapons: Her hands, and a bone dagger. Also the call of nature.

User name: [Silver Moon]
Character Name: Drake
Age 19
Hair: Brown
eyes:dark blue
Gender: male
description: Tall and handsome, he is muscular but not to the point of looking grotesque he is fast for his build.His hair comes shoulder length, silver,.
Back ground: Unknown save for the fact he commands a group of soldiers that are highly skilled and can disappear in shadow.
He also seems to believe Trissa is to be his wife.

not done by me
User Name: [Silver Moon]
Age: 20
Descriptions: Same as his brother Drake with the exception that his hair is black and his features are more fey looking.
Background: Controlled most of the time by the demon Sparrow wing (his other self) he tends to do more evil than he wants.
He hates his brother and loves Trissa.
He serves Reáper as a slave and a pendant that is embedded in his flesh keeps him loyal to her.
He possesses the Fire GDP which enhances his fire magic.

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2007-03-13 [Ravendust]: your character can have the green piece, yes. Sorry, I'm at school and can check messages, but I can't send them.

2007-03-14 [Silver Moon]: np and thnx

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