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pr. "Nee" (unrespirated glottal 'g' sound)

From Eastonia > Stilya >
The Cradle/Cradle Isle

     An amphibian race of intelligent and empathic beings located solely on the island west of Stilya known as The Cradle. A race seemingly as old as time, few mortals know the exact age, racial lineage, and true purposes of the G'ni. As they progress in age, they travel from mostly water to more land, as age progresses. This progression, along with their inherent elemental nature make them a form of Dragon Kith (separated lineage of Draconic Bloodlines).

Three G'ni - young adult female, adult male, mature adult male
By [xido]

     Medium-Sized Magical Beast (Draconic)

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2004-01-11 [xido]: G'ni are a specialized humanoid race made by [xido], please message me for details.

Information for the following campaign elements will be separated as follows:
- Jashnia and its Cosmology
- Inath
- the Epicene
- non-Epicene, non-Jashnian Inath campaigns

These campaign setting elements will be split as follows:
- all OGL Content (Game-applicable statistics and openly viewable content) will be posted to the website, - this is due to the material being D&D v3.5 oriented, and because of the potential publication applicability in the future.
- all personalized, unique, WFR-oriented, character-created, non-D&D, non-RPGA, Elftown and non-Elftown WFR content as it applies to the previous elements will be hosted here on Elftown, in the WFR-specific wikipages and settings.

Inath and its inherent portions are part of a potential publication currently unrepresented by any party except [xido] himself. The Grammaticum Primeaval and all its inherent portions are currently represented by Paul Lapidus at New Funtiers, .

2006-02-26 [Sairafaen]: Atreya says: Hello all. If anyone also wants to meet a character of this race, please let the Tiahaara know and she will introduce us formally.

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