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Username: [Celtore]

Name: Luna

Age: 26

Occupation: Lady of the House

Appearance: Luna has long flowing black hair, eyes the shade of the moon, which is why her parents named her Luna. She is thin but toned. Shes always said just because shes a lady doesn't mean she cant be healthy.

Personality: Luna is a woman unlike most others around her. She has ambition, she drives herself forwards and upwards, looking for opportunities and investing in them, finding ways to make her position stronger every day. She has found the easiest way to do that is to use her stance as a woman to strengthen herself. She appears to be meek, mild, soft. Then when it is least expected she strikes from a vantage point to decimate an opponent, or rival. She does not lose. In a way, earning, and gaining respect. A woman who does not mince words. When she speaks, others have a natural wanting to listen.

History: Luna was born and raised in a well environment, her father was an important man for change in the senate and taught Luna the advantages and disadvantages of people, how to spot and learn their weaknesses. How to be powerful. When she was still young her father arranged a marriage to the Tarun Family line for their political backing as he prepared for a large move in the senate. When she had first met the man she was due to marry, Aelius, she had a contempt for him, but her fathers teachings ran through her mind and she came to accept, and love the man. He was a good provider and an intelligent man. She became accustomed to her role as a wife, and, lover. During their time together her husband had vices, Chariot racing, and Gladiator battles. Luna generally stayed away from these ventures, it being told as 'no place for a woman'. It was at one of these races that due to an unfortunate incident, others claiming sabotage her husband was killed in the race thanks to a blade attached to the wheels of opposition. Suspicion ran through the house of murder or accident. Now, she finds herself alone with her slaves, the only people she knows she can trust in a world filled with hidden dangers and daggers. She finds no need for male company, though being offered constantly by a few of her former husbands... 'friends'. She now finds herself in an untimely position of being given a Gladiator, a great source of income, but unable to use it unless she comes up with a masterful plan to use a loss, for a gain, and once more become a viper in the shadows.


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