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Also if you decide to take one of these poems and put it in your house, please credit the work to me. And if I find one of my poems and you saying its yours I will hunt you down... after reporting you to the guards. ^_^



I loved you in the rain
I loved you in the snow
I loved you in the thunder
I loved you 12 below

But why...

Why one week later did you slap me in the face?
Rip out my heart,
And tear it to pieces?
Why did you laugh at my pain and my tears?
Why did you make fun of my fears?

And why...

Why two weeks later you came crawling back?
Saying your sorry as a matter of fact?
Why is you just played all these games?
Acting liking I couldn't hear the names,
The names that you called me behind my back?

And why...

Why did I take you back?

I'll tell you

Because one week later I slapped you in the face.
Ripped out your heart,
And tore it to pieces.
I laughed at your at your pain
I laughed at your tears.
Hell I even made fun of your fears.

Two weeks later I didn't come crawling back.
Wasn't saying I'm sorry as a matter of fact.
I'm not playing anymore games,
I won't be calling you anymore names.


Let me tell you this
And trust me its true

You don't need me
And I sure don't need you.

What I thought
I thought a relationship was suppose to be trust
I thought a relationship was suppose to be honest

I guess I was wrong when you stabbed me in the back
Walked out with my friend
And didn't turn back

I looked at the picture of us at the prom
I burned that picture of us at the prom
I cut up your face
Tore it to pieces

You broke my heart
You taught me a lesson
Never believe what a boy may say


Cause he gonna take it back one day


I'd forgotten what it felt like
To stand out in the rain;
Tears falling slowly, tracing invisible lines on my cheeks.

Seconds pass by slowly as I stare up at the sky.
Grey clouds wander past my glazed over eyes.
The rain feels like snow, melting in my hand;
Leaving cold breaths frozen upon the heated air.

Sunlight always trying, but failing, to escape -
The clouds cover the world in a dim shadow of nothingness.
The water falls down calmly and harsley, raging with desire.
"Set us free" the raindrops cry: no one hears them.

For a few short lived moments they live in the air,
Calling out blissfully as they fall from the dark prison in the cloud.
Once they reach the Earth, their end comes to them;
They coat the ground with their moisture.
They make everything dark.

So the tears I cry:
They are for the raindrops.
And they are for themselves,
For in the end all tears are
Is rain.

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