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[Future Dictator] Creations Interview with [Eyden13]

 Art By: [Future Dictator]

What does the word Creation mean to you?

Creation is designing and bringing something into existence from your thoughts and ideas, whether it is coming up with something new and interesting, or just adding your own point of view to an old idea.

Out of everything in the world to the world its self, what do you think is the greatest thing ever created? Why?

Hrmmm...I would say indoor plumbing but that is more like the greatest thing even invented which is probably different than created in some subtle way. I'll come back to this one I can't come up with anything interesting right now :)

What's your form of creation, and what effect do you want it to have in the world, if any at all?

I enjoy drawing, painting, and making clothes. I don't really care if I change the world or have an effect I just hope to be able to make a career out of doing things I enjoy.

What type of things do you draw, and why?

I mostly just draw people, or things with people in it. I guess I just find people more interesting. I probably should expand my drawing abilities :)
Oh I like drawing swirly organic shapes too, but they are still usually in pictures with people.

*Laughs* It sounds like you definitely enjoy what you do. I on the other hand don't have much skill in drawing anything. I don't know if it's because I lack the ability or I have no idea where to start. How do you usually begin an art work?

Well if I don't really have any ideas when I start I just scribble until I get an idea (that happens a lot.) If I actually have an idea, or maybe a specific assignment for school or whatever...actually I guess I still start by scribbling hahaha. More focused scribbles though. I always scribble out a naked human body structure even if its a fully clothed drawing just because it helps make sure you have all the stuff in the right place. But then sometimes I get too attached to the naked under-drawing and don't want to clothe it haha.

*Blushes* oh my. I have to ask, do you focus more on the male or female body?

I draw women more, but in 2 semesters of figure drawing class it was always the same naked man! I saw him at the mall once and was confused since he was wearing clothes. Heh heh!

That had to be slightly strange. How does having an alive model differ from having an object to sketch/ draw? Does it effect the tools and method you use?

Ummmm well models cant hold perfectly still for hours so that makes it slightly different. I guess a difference is like...when you draw from a picture you can go from section to section of it and work on all the details, but when its a live person its better to just do basic structure and positioning first and kinda work on it all as a whole. I dunno it probably is different for different people :)

I never thought about the fact live people can never stay perfectly stilled. After you have them sketched out what do you do afterwards?

Start erasing scribbles and cleaning up lines and adding clothes and then I usually get bored somewhere right before completion and stop. Lol. I love starting pictures and hate finishing them. The sketching phase is just so much more fun than the end part.

*Laughs* I can understand that concept. So how do you determine the clothing your paintings have? Do you use what they are wearing or create your own? Or somewhere in between?

I used to study illustration at university, so the clothes would have to reflect what I was I had to redo Cinderella in the Tang dynasty period clothes of China. But now I study fashion design so it depends on the assignment, and if its conceptual or wearable and what inspiration you are supposed to use or whatever. I have no clue what I'm trying to say...haaahaaha

Well we've finally come down to the last question. The over all concept of what you do is fascinating to me, which is why I asked to interview you because I liked your art. In many ways you inspire me, which is why I want to know about you. Who or what inspires you to create your art?

I don't really know what inspires me, I chose to do art in college just because I couldn't think of anything I wanted to study more. I switched to fashion design and illustration because I like clothes. So I guess what inspires me is wanting to do what I enjoy professionally.

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