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2004-11-09 21:29:57
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Full moon fun room

This area put the FU in fun...But hey do what you like here this is just a room to do what you like...

If you are a member of full moon town your more than welcome...if not go to full moon town to join *thanks*

This room contains Lots of beds, a couple of couches, a mini bar, a few small t.v.s, about 3 big screen t.v.'s,a dvd player and we have like every dvd, every game system with every game you can think of, a couple of steros with awsome speakers, and whatever else you might suggest...

<img:> Full moon town
<img:> full moon dark cafe

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2004-11-29 [Darkness of Faith]: yea i guess...*takes shot and makes a ball in* yay *jumps up and down like an idiot then takes another shot and misses*

2004-11-30 [PhoenixStarfire]: haha so much for jumping like an idiot* takes a shot and misses* um...and im one to talk.

2004-12-31 [Darkness of Faith]: yea well i think i am wining...but im not sure anymore i lost *takes shot and misses*

2005-01-01 [PhoenixStarfire]: um...ur winning.*takes shot and misses* who btw, i got a new wiki

2005-04-19 [Raven2]: sup fellow ladies of the night

2005-04-19 [Darkness of Faith]: nothing really you?

2005-04-27 [PhoenixStarfire]: hey all

2005-04-27 [Darkness of Faith]: hola

2005-04-28 [PhoenixStarfire]: como hastas?

2005-04-28 [Shadow Darkness]: muy bien y tu?

2005-04-28 [PhoenixStarfire]: si si

2005-04-29 [Darkness of Faith]: si si? asi asi? lol

2005-04-29 [PhoenixStarfire]: oh hell same thing.

2005-04-29 [Darkness of Faith]: not uh lol

2005-04-29 [PhoenixStarfire]: yeah huh

2005-04-29 [Darkness of Faith]: ummm means yes yes...the other means so-so lol

2005-04-29 [PhoenixStarfire]: yeah i know....ahwww shit....see i knew my spanesh was rusty

2005-04-29 [Darkness of Faith]: lol mine sucks

2005-04-29 [PhoenixStarfire]: awww......its ok.

2005-04-29 [Darkness of Faith]: yea i know...i dont think im ever going to really use it

2005-04-30 [PhoenixStarfire]: lol

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