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Full Moon Town


1.[Darkness of Faith]- Vampire
2.[Slayer Chick]- Vampire, hey neightbor! ^_^

Welcome all creatures of the night this page is welcome for anyone to join... Do whatever you like around here i coud care less... there will be a place for almost every thing

If theres any questions or comments just let me know...

this would be the first badge...go to full moon badges to get more...

*next to your name please put what creature you are*
1.[a married mistress] human
2.[~And the wind calls her Demona~] part vampire, part witch
3.[Smile Addiction] vampire
4.[PhoenixStarfire]( part Dragon,Part Wolf, Part Elf) did ne watch the luner eclips last night?
5.[Supercharged In Denial] wolf, vampire
6.[Lycan_Immortal] Warewolf
7.[Lidda_Flourhert] Vampyre*
8.[akroshii] Vampire
9.[Celebriän Elendil] Vampire/Werewolf
10.[Kamora] Fairy/demon
11.[Hokage Hagakure]changling(almost anything but prefers human or wolf or werewolf with black fur)
12. [drakkar] Dragon (shinobi stays in human form alot)
13. [Lady Darkness] human
14. [HowseR] dragon ninja
15. [vald_the_vampire] look upon my
name. a vampire
16. [Sue Falkenkralle] werewolf
17. [ZombiezJojo] daughter of the night
18. [illisiadora] i am 3 parts...part vampire, part witch and part werewolf.
19. [Shadow Darkness] Demon
20. [darkstar151] vampire
21. [curator angelus] part wolf, part human
22. ["Moonie"]
23. [starlightgirl]
24. [LadyArianrhod] Vampire.
25.[~*~Desert Fox~*~] Half dog demon, changes to human during full moon, so pretty though!
26.[JapaneseMiko] Cat demon.
27.[Harlequin Girl] Dhampir
29.[I no longer come here]Half Vamp. Half Elf
30.[White Wolf guardian of snow and ice] half wolf, part Vamp. and half elf! ^^ ya for me
31.[DarkGarg] gargoyle
32.[Deadlock jester] a shadow
33. [MoRoxy] fox demon
34. [draculas_child] demonic vampire
35. [Ariana Snow] Elven Vampyre
37.[Gabba Gabba Hey]witch,vampire
39.[Lost In Thought] wolf
40. [Wolf Spirit] wolf, witch
41.[Artemis Riddle], well guess once...
42.[Rebexie] vampire
43.[wimplo350]nefairiem (weretiger)
44. [merihevonen] Werewolf
45. [dressedtokill] half human, half vampire, an assassin.
46.[Pink_Pixie] half Elf, part angel, part witch, part nymp, part pixie
47.[T_Pop] Half copper dragon/elf
48.[~*Luna*~] Vampire, full blooded.
49.[Just someone]anime Vampire, look ike human full blooded.
51.[Nuoki]Ancient Vampire
52.[°mydnyte°]half vamp, half witch
<img:> Full moon Fun room
<img:> Full moon dark cafe
<img:> Full moon Badges

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2004-11-02 [Darkness of Faith]: oh i get you write or draw anything??

2004-11-02 [PhoenixStarfire]: yeah. i aculy do both. i want to get some of my sceatches up soon but i need use of a scanner.

2004-11-02 [Darkness of Faith]: cool...if you get anything feel free to put it up in the dark cafe...

2004-11-02 [PhoenixStarfire]: ok sure. i do a little writing too, sooo....

2004-11-02 [Darkness of Faith]: yea i need something to do...

2004-11-02 [PhoenixStarfire]: well take a look at my house. i just put up a bunch of gifs on my house that are pretty kool.

2004-11-02 [Darkness of Faith]: ok i will...

2004-11-02 [Darkness of Faith]: are you talkin about the dbz ones???

2004-11-02 [PhoenixStarfire]: yea.i was bored.

2004-11-02 [Darkness of Faith]: cool...i like dbz i used to watch it i dont anymore though...i dont know why*heads towards pool table* you comin??

2004-11-02 [PhoenixStarfire]: yep.*heads to the table*

2004-11-06 [Darkness of Faith]: Glad you could join us hollow life...your more than welcome to anything...hey you know we need some creatures to help around the full moon dark cafe...

2004-11-07 [Darkness of Faith]: so anyone write or draw anything that they would like to share???

2004-11-07 [Supercharged In Denial]: oh really? Full moon dark cafe aye? Sounds awesomeness...and btw, I write..I've got a couple short stories and poems goin on, and I'm learning how to draw anime from a friend..^_^

2004-11-07 [Darkness of Faith]: sounds good you should go post them...

2004-11-07 [Supercharged In Denial]: Yea..I may actually

2004-11-13 [Darkness of Faith]: hey guys go check out relaxation time warp

2004-11-15 [ninje]: ya

2004-11-15 [Darkness of Faith]: hey jenti you joining??

2004-11-18 [Darkness of Faith]: so whats up with everyone round here?

2004-11-18 [Slayer Chick]: =) yay more ppl!

2004-11-18 [Darkness of Faith]: yea i know lol

2004-11-18 [Slayer Chick]: lol

2004-11-18 [Slayer Chick]: ok...yay we got another person XD

2004-11-18 [drakkar]: oro?

2004-11-18 [Darkness of Faith]: hey how are you

2004-11-18 [drakkar]: pretty well/sleepy

2004-11-18 [Darkness of Faith]: cool... i think

2004-11-18 [drakkar]: i went to sleep at 1:47am woke at 3:00 am and then again at internal clock got screwed up

2004-11-18 [Slayer Chick]: i'm sleepy too...but hey RIP call me u want me 2 take the bus home with you tomorrow?

2004-11-18 [Darkness of Faith]: sure do ^_^

2004-11-18 [Slayer Chick]: okee dokee

2004-11-18 [Supercharged In Denial]: wait, she gets to ride the bus home with you? Why not me? huh? hehe..O.o

2004-11-18 [Darkness of Faith]: um well were do you live?

2004-11-19 [PhoenixStarfire]: hey i cant come ether????

2004-11-19 [Darkness of Faith]: sure i guess

2004-11-20 [Supercharged In Denial]: i was just playin round

2004-11-20 [Darkness of Faith]: i figured so what new with all of you?

2004-11-20 [Supercharged In Denial]: Well not much..just chilin with a bout u

2004-11-21 [Darkness of Faith]: nuttin really just listin to a new cd

2004-11-21 [Supercharged In Denial]: which cd?

2004-11-21 [PhoenixStarfire]: ive been busy

2004-11-21 [Darkness of Faith]: the greast hits of korn...vol. 1

2004-11-22 [Supercharged In Denial]: hell yea! Kickass aint it?

2004-11-22 [Slayer Chick]: hey RIP!!!!!!! I have all of the Korn CDs and u don't hahahaha LOL luv yas Tal...oh oh and i'll burn your papa roach CD today, i'm sick and i stayed home from school *sniffles*...yeah *sneases* dammit! LOL ok i'll ttyl or something kk?

2004-11-22 [Darkness of Faith]: yea i stayed home too...but im at my dads cause of my fuckin english teacher!!!! im gonna kill that bitch!!!

2004-11-22 [Slayer Chick]: why?

2004-11-22 [Darkness of Faith]: cause i have a paper due today that i didnt do and my mom talked to her and now im like grounded for like a week i think from the internet and im gonna kill my fuckin english teacher you dont understand how much i fuckin hate her!!!!!!

2004-11-22 [Slayer Chick]: O_O merp

2004-11-22 [Darkness of Faith]: god i hate that fuckin bitch...saturday school and then fuckin get me grounded what else can she fuckin do to me....god maybe she will get me suspended!!!!

2004-11-22 [Slayer Chick]: should i get her shot? or jumped? i can do it...

2004-11-22 [Darkness of Faith]: yes!!!!!

2004-11-22 [Slayer Chick]: i wish...but she's a about u get in a bitch fight with her!!!!!!

2004-11-22 [Darkness of Faith]: i would be grounded for life!!!!

2004-11-22 [Slayer Chick]: i kno

2004-11-22 [Darkness of Faith]: ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

2004-11-22 [Slayer Chick]: well i bitch talk all of my teachers ;)

2004-11-22 [Darkness of Faith]: yea expect this one is like a cow and will like tell the principle and all that shit and then i would be grounded for life!!!!!!!!!

2004-11-22 [PhoenixStarfire]: LOL what the fuck??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! omg can i help please!!!!!

2004-11-22 [Slayer Chick]: lmao a cow...but yea ok i get it

2004-11-22 [Slayer Chick]: and sekai she we live in AZ'

2004-11-23 [PhoenixStarfire]: hmmmm...let me think about that......*thinks*............oh i know....oh damn nv. i was think about teleporting but thats only in my imagonation.

2004-11-23 [Supercharged In Denial]: damn ur teacher sounds like a bitch..

2004-11-23 [Darkness of Faith]: she is a bitch i hate her...

2004-11-23 [PhoenixStarfire]: oh oh oh i know i can hit her with a psycic blast. that would work wouldnt it.

2004-11-24 [Darkness of Faith]: i dunno but you are more then welcome to

2004-11-26 [Slayer Chick]: lol

2004-11-29 [PhoenixStarfire]: ok let me see........*strains*.......*farts* o_0 um i thinki tried a little to hard......0_o excuse me for a sec*leaves for the nearest bathroom*

2004-11-29 [Darkness of Faith]: lmao...nice

2004-11-30 [PhoenixStarfire]: *comes back from the bathroom* jesus christ....smell like something crawled up my ass and died.....o_0.......hey that might work on ur teacher but it might be i little foul.

2004-11-30 [Darkness of Faith]: -_-'...

2004-11-30 [PhoenixStarfire]: lol sorry i felt like acting like a kid again........sorry. ne way........i think i have an idea..gimme a sec

2004-11-30 [Darkness of Faith]: ok...*sec* times up ^_^

2004-11-30 [PhoenixStarfire]: hey hey hey i didnt mean litteraly

2004-11-30 [Darkness of Faith]: lol...i know i was just jokin with ya

2004-11-30 [PhoenixStarfire]: did u r i ever ask for a relation?

2004-11-30 [Darkness of Faith]: nope

2004-12-01 [PhoenixStarfire]: ok hold on

2004-12-01 [Darkness of Faith]: kk

2004-12-02 [PhoenixStarfire]: u should be getting a relation request if u havent already.

2004-12-02 [Darkness of Faith]: yeai did ^_^

2004-12-09 [PhoenixStarfire]: ok thats good. i need to try to get on more often.

2004-12-16 [Shadow Darkness]: hey

2004-12-16 [Darkness of Faith]: lol hey hey...found your way here

2004-12-27 [curator angelus]: yo is this gothic or something (e-mail me with answer) quetsion goes to anyone

2004-12-27 [curator angelus]: ok i am on thank you midnight

2004-12-27 [Darkness of Faith]: np

2005-01-22 [Senko-Tenchi]: May I join?

2005-01-27 [Darkness of Faith]: yes you may ^^

2005-01-31 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: hey can i join?

2005-01-31 [Darkness of Faith]: which one?

2005-01-31 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: this one

2005-01-31 [Darkness of Faith]: yes of course its open to all of those who wish to join

2005-01-31 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: great^^ -jumps up and down-

2005-01-31 [Darkness of Faith]: lol, np

2005-02-17 [Senko-Tenchi]: hurray

2005-03-13 [Darkness of Faith]:

Hey go check out The Cavern its new and a rp


2005-04-09 [Slayer Chick]: Hey! Also if anyone is on Elfpack. Please join the [Elpack Bar] ok! Thanks! ^^

2005-04-26 [Wolf Spirit]: good afternoon. 

2005-05-01 [Slayer Chick]: hello

2005-05-02 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: -walks in- hey

2005-06-21 [~And the wind calls her Demona~]: hey ppl

2005-06-21 [Supercharged In Denial]: ello....

2005-06-25 [PhoenixStarfire]: hola

2005-06-25 [~And the wind calls her Demona~]: hola, como estas, jonathan?

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: muy mal

2005-06-26 [Shadow Darkness]: lalalalalalalalalalalalalala

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: o.O

2005-06-26 [Shadow Darkness]: :0]

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: v_v

2005-06-26 [Shadow Darkness]: r u haveing fun making faces

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: yeah

2005-06-26 [Shadow Darkness]: lol nice i was too X0

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: yeah

2005-06-26 [Darkness of Faith]: *Dies* x.x

2005-06-26 [Shadow Darkness]: *-*

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: -_-'

2005-06-26 [Darkness of Faith]: *sits there* wait im already dead *shrugs* oh well

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: haha

2005-06-26 [Shadow Darkness]: haha well thats what you say tal but last nihg tyou were a freak

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: O.O

2005-06-26 [Darkness of Faith]: yea so...i was bored and had nothing better to do

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: *tilts head* am i missing something here?

2005-06-26 [Darkness of Faith]: yea shadow and i were laying in bed and i was being a freak ^^

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: i always miss the good shit

2005-06-26 [Darkness of Faith]: yea i know

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

2005-06-26 [Darkness of Faith]: RAOR

2005-06-26 [Shadow Darkness]: prrrrrr

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: ah!!!1dont purr!!!!!!u have no idea what that does to me! please no purring!

2005-06-26 [Darkness of Faith]: Hissssssssssssssssssssssssss

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: that better:D

2005-06-26 [Shadow Darkness]: i like purring but ok gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

2005-06-26 [PhoenixStarfire]: hehe.......i do to but it has an effect on me

2005-06-26 [Darkness of Faith]: HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS hehehe

2005-06-26 [Shadow Darkness]: what kind of effect does it have on you?

2005-06-27 [PhoenixStarfire]: u dont wanna know

2005-06-27 [Darkness of Faith]: You cant handle the truth hahaha

2005-06-27 [PhoenixStarfire]: yeah i can

2005-06-27 [Darkness of Faith]: hahaha you dont know that

2005-06-27 [PhoenixStarfire]: o.O

2005-06-27 [Darkness of Faith]: i dont even know what im talking about...just being random

2005-06-27 [PhoenixStarfire]: yeahi noticed

2005-06-27 [Darkness of Faith]: woo hoo YEA!

2005-06-27 [PhoenixStarfire]: lol

2005-06-27 [Darkness of Faith]: yea im so bored just sittin and listening to manson

2005-06-27 [PhoenixStarfire]: nice

2005-06-27 [Darkness of Faith]: si si, i just got another one of his cd's

2005-06-27 [PhoenixStarfire]: nice

2005-06-27 [Darkness of Faith]: yea thats 3 out of like 8

2005-06-27 [PhoenixStarfire]: very cool

2005-06-27 [Darkness of Faith]: ahhhhhhhh i still have 5 to go though grrrrrr gonna take me awhile but i shall do it!

2005-06-27 [PhoenixStarfire]: well...i got lovecraft & witch hearts by cradle of filth

2005-06-27 [Darkness of Faith]: blah blah blah you suck lol but my goal is to get all of mansons then all of COF

2005-06-27 [PhoenixStarfire]: meh i can pass on manson

2005-06-27 [Darkness of Faith]: yea lots of people can...but i love him i just got done reading his autpbiography

2005-06-27 [PhoenixStarfire]: a knew this kid i longtime ago that had his autobiography

2005-06-27 [Darkness of Faith]: yea its a very interesting book

2005-06-27 [PhoenixStarfire]: so i hear....i mean i like some of mansons music....but right now i like cof better

2005-06-27 [Darkness of Faith]: yea Manson is my favorite right now

2005-06-28 [PhoenixStarfire]: well thats cool........but im still very sad

2005-06-28 [Darkness of Faith]: yea well you shall get over it eventually

2005-06-28 [PhoenixStarfire]: yeah i hope. [~And the wind calls her Demona~] tells me the same thing

2005-06-28 [Darkness of Faith]: well then it should be right ^^ lol

2005-06-28 [PhoenixStarfire]: ~*sigh~* i guess

2005-06-28 [Darkness of Faith]: doo dee doo

2005-06-28 [PhoenixStarfire]: bored again?

2005-06-28 [Darkness of Faith]: hell yea!

2005-06-28 [PhoenixStarfire]: lol...y? =^^=   Meow!

2005-06-28 [Darkness of Faith]: cause there is nothing to do and i am babysitting ><

2005-06-28 [~And the wind calls her Demona~]: well that sucks

2005-06-28 [Darkness of Faith]: yea i know lol

2005-06-30 [PhoenixStarfire]: *does boxy dance*

2005-06-30 [~And the wind calls her Demona~]: o.O ok wat r u on and can I hav some?

2005-06-30 [PhoenixStarfire]: im high on least i think thats what it is

2005-06-30 [~And the wind calls her Demona~]: ur sure u didnt hav the shurooms again?

2005-06-30 [PhoenixStarfire]: Well......idunno*words comeout a bit slerish*

2005-09-09 [T_Pop]: i can put my name up right?

2005-09-11 [Darkness of Faith]: yea of course ^.^ wow i havent been here in forever

2005-09-12 [T_Pop]: lmao well welcome back!! lmao

2005-09-13 [Darkness of Faith]: well thank you ^^

2005-09-15 [~And the wind calls her Demona~]: la la la la

2005-09-20 [Lycan_Immortal]: Hey, I'm finally back...ish...As much as I can be

2006-01-01 [T_Pop]: Happy New Year!!!

2006-01-16 [wimplo350]: walks through and looks at every one and then slinks away before being noticed.

2006-02-21 [~And the wind calls her Demona~]: SO wat has everyone been up to?

2006-02-21 [PhoenixStarfire]: O.O

2006-02-21 [~*Luna*~]: Nothing thats any fun. *Sighs*

2006-03-06 [wimplo350]: hi, there's nothing to here, and now ON to sports. o.O!?!? this isn't my room, where am I ahhhhhhhh!

2006-03-06 [~*Luna*~]: *Smiles a little*

2006-03-08 [PhoenixStarfire]: .....wrong room huh....hey when u leav...if u find my mind around somewhere lemmie know....please......*looks down* i miss my mind......*tear*

2006-03-10 [wimplo350]: Well I did find someone's mind.....but I ate it.HAHAHAHA

2006-03-10 [~*Luna*~]: *Shakes my head*

2006-04-17 [wimplo350]: wait did someone need that?0.0

2006-05-06 [PhoenixStarfire]: hey......*cries insianly*

2006-05-06 [~*Luna*~]: Aw! *hugs Mega Man*

2006-08-02 [T_Pop]: well... a mind is only good when its covered in salt and mixed with the hart and gut... and its best eaten with the spine of the person who they all belong to (mine was delitiose) lmao

2006-08-11 [PhoenixStarfire]: um...ewww....

2006-08-11 [T_Pop]: lol

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