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Full Moon Town


1.[Darkness of Faith]- Vampire
2.[Slayer Chick]- Vampire, hey neightbor! ^_^

Welcome all creatures of the night this page is welcome for anyone to join... Do whatever you like around here i coud care less... there will be a place for almost every thing

If theres any questions or comments just let me know...

this would be the first badge...go to full moon badges to get more...

*next to your name please put what creature you are*
1.[a married mistress] human
2.[~And the wind calls her Demona~] part vampire, part witch
3.[Smile Addiction] vampire
4.[PhoenixStarfire]( part Dragon,Part Wolf, Part Elf) did ne watch the luner eclips last night?
5.[Supercharged In Denial] wolf, vampire
6.[Lycan_Immortal] Warewolf
7.[Lidda_Flourhert] Vampyre*
8.[akroshii] Vampire
9.[Celebriän Elendil] Vampire/Werewolf
10.[Kamora] Fairy/demon
11.[Hokage Hagakure]changling(almost anything but prefers human or wolf or werewolf with black fur)
12. [drakkar] Dragon (shinobi stays in human form alot)
13. [Lady Darkness] human
14. [HowseR] dragon ninja
15. [vald_the_vampire] look upon my
name. a vampire
16. [Sue Falkenkralle] werewolf
17. [ZombiezJojo] daughter of the night
18. [illisiadora] i am 3 parts...part vampire, part witch and part werewolf.
19. [Shadow Darkness] Demon
20. [darkstar151] vampire
21. [curator angelus] part wolf, part human
22. ["Moonie"]
23. [starlightgirl]
24. [LadyArianrhod] Vampire.
25.[~*~Desert Fox~*~] Half dog demon, changes to human during full moon, so pretty though!
26.[JapaneseMiko] Cat demon.
27.[Harlequin Girl] Dhampir
29.[I no longer come here]Half Vamp. Half Elf
30.[White Wolf guardian of snow and ice] half wolf, part Vamp. and half elf! ^^ ya for me
31.[DarkGarg] gargoyle
32.[Deadlock jester] a shadow
33. [MoRoxy] fox demon
34. [draculas_child] demonic vampire
35. [Ariana Snow] Elven Vampyre
37.[Gabba Gabba Hey]witch,vampire
39.[Lost In Thought] wolf
40. [Wolf Spirit] wolf, witch
41.[Artemis Riddle], well guess once...
42.[Rebexie] vampire
43.[wimplo350]nefairiem (weretiger)
44. [merihevonen] Werewolf
45. [dressedtokill] half human, half vampire, an assassin.
46.[Pink_Pixie] half Elf, part angel, part witch, part nymp, part pixie
47.[T_Pop] Half copper dragon/elf
48.[~*Luna*~] Vampire, full blooded.
49.[Just someone]anime Vampire, look ike human full blooded.
51.[Nuoki]Ancient Vampire
52.[°mydnyte°]half vamp, half witch
<img:> Full moon Fun room
<img:> Full moon dark cafe
<img:> Full moon Badges

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2005-09-12 [T_Pop]: lmao well welcome back!! lmao

2005-09-13 [Darkness of Faith]: well thank you ^^

2005-09-15 [~And the wind calls her Demona~]: la la la la

2005-09-20 [Lycan_Immortal]: Hey, I'm finally back...ish...As much as I can be

2006-01-01 [T_Pop]: Happy New Year!!!

2006-01-16 [wimplo350]: walks through and looks at every one and then slinks away before being noticed.

2006-02-21 [~And the wind calls her Demona~]: SO wat has everyone been up to?

2006-02-21 [PhoenixStarfire]: O.O

2006-02-21 [~*Luna*~]: Nothing thats any fun. *Sighs*

2006-03-06 [wimplo350]: hi, there's nothing to here, and now ON to sports. o.O!?!? this isn't my room, where am I ahhhhhhhh!

2006-03-06 [~*Luna*~]: *Smiles a little*

2006-03-08 [PhoenixStarfire]: .....wrong room huh....hey when u leav...if u find my mind around somewhere lemmie know....please......*looks down* i miss my mind......*tear*

2006-03-10 [wimplo350]: Well I did find someone's mind.....but I ate it.HAHAHAHA

2006-03-10 [~*Luna*~]: *Shakes my head*

2006-04-17 [wimplo350]: wait did someone need that?0.0

2006-05-06 [PhoenixStarfire]: hey......*cries insianly*

2006-05-06 [~*Luna*~]: Aw! *hugs Mega Man*

2006-08-02 [T_Pop]: well... a mind is only good when its covered in salt and mixed with the hart and gut... and its best eaten with the spine of the person who they all belong to (mine was delitiose) lmao

2006-08-11 [PhoenixStarfire]: um...ewww....

2006-08-11 [T_Pop]: lol

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