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Frontline Plus for Cats review

I have always, always, used Frontline on my cats and dogs in order to kill fleas and ticks. Actually, while I truly have used it to kill the bouncy little blood-suckers, more often than not, I have used it as a preventative. Frontline is a once-a-month topical treatment that takes less than forty-eight ours to successfully kill any live fleas and/or ticks that may be on one’s pet. In most cases, Frontline also effectively kills flea-eggs. I have yet to have a pet cat or dog that I have not gone through the monthly application process of applying Frontline with, and so I do consider myself something of a professional when it comes to keeping pets parasite-free!

Firstly, Frontline Plus in incredibly simple to use on one’s pet as the packaging that it comes in keeps application instructions simple. Frontline Plus is absolutely waterproof, so when it says that it lasts for a month, it pretty much means it. One’s pet can take a swim; play in the rain, etcetera without having the product wash off. However, Frontline Plus cannot and does not withstand soap, and so that means that baths are pretty much out of the question for pets while they are being treated for fleas and ticks. While this is a deterrent for some, I have had no problem with this. There are plenty of pet detergents out there that aid in the removal of ticks and fleas. Therefore, near the end of each month of treatment that I have had my pets on (especially my dog); I give my Cocker Spaniel a bath using the Anti-flea Pet Shampoo, and it really works. This helps to keep her entirely flea-free and does not hurt her at all. It is completely safe to bathe pets using flea-killing detergents so long as one waits at least two weeks after applying any sort of topical flea-treatments to their skin. Additionally, I have not noticed any sort of offensive odor that accompanies Frontline Plus, so there should be no change in the way that one’s pets’ smell after one has successfully applied the product to their skin. However, there is a small, greasy mark on pets where the product has been applied. Try to keep pets from licking this area, and additionally, do not allow children or anyone else to touch the area. This oily patch usually disappears after the first few days.

After applying Frontline Plus, I have not once spotted a flea and/or tick after the forty-eight hour mark. This goes for cats and dogs. Therefore, I firmly believe that the product works as both an immediate solution as well as a preventative. While the product is somewhat expensive (running at about $16.00 per monthly treatment), it is definitely worth it. I have found that it is cheaper to buy this product in bulk (the three-month pack versus single treatments, and the six-month pack versus the three-month) online than to purchase it through veterinary clinics. While a six-month supply may run the purchaser roughly $100.00, buying two three-month supplies is likely to run them at least $120.00. 

Each dose of medication comes in a plastic sort of tube, and each dose has a perforated area in order to make it easy for people to tear them away from one another, as all of the doses are connected to one another. Should this prove to be difficult, I suggest simply using a pair of scissors. 

To use the product, apply the runny fluid within the plastic packaging directly to the skin at the back of the cat's neck between the shoulder blades, paying close attention not to get much or any on the cat’s fur, or else applying it where cats can easily lick it off.  It is imperative to apply the fluid directly to the cat's skin at the back of the neck. If the medicine is applied to the fur, then the product will not be effective. Frontline Plus MUST be absorbed into the cat's skin. That’s it!

Frontline Plus has successfully worked for me and all of my pets, and has done exactly what it has advertised itself as doing. The product kills fleas on a cat within twelve hours and remains active on cats in order to kill flea eggs and larvae for up to six weeks. Frontline Plus for Cats will kill ticks for up to one month!

The six-month supply contains six individual packages. Each container holds enough medication for one application. Ingredients include Fipronil (9.8%), S Methoprene (11.8%) and 78.4% of Inert Ingredients.

I have not had any problems with this product. Every cat that I have ever applied it to has simply gone on about their business after the product has been applied to them, and has not expressed any sort of displeasure. None of my cats have ever tried to lick the product off of them, nor have other cats tried to bathe the cat on which the product had been applied. I have used Frontline Plus for Cats on both indoor and outdoor cats with the same fantastic results; it works each and every time! I truly do recommend this product to anyone with a cat, whether it be an indoor or outdoor one is irrelevant, fleas can get into any area and are not restricted to the out of doors. 

/ [Nioniel]

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