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2011-05-28 16:05:47
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FromOldBooks review

Liam's Pictures from Old Books, is what appears at the top of your browser when you navigate yourself over to and that's exactly what the website is about. Liam is a man, a very nice man I think, who has a lot of old books with a lot of cool old pictures in them. And he thought it's a shame that only he gets to see these cool pictures, so he decided to scan them and upload them to the internet. They can be searched and found and downloaded and used - and they are wonderful! I stumbled across the webpage when looking for old illustrations of machines, and was very pleasantly surprised by the entire site.

Admittedly, the site doesn't look much, it's not shiny and all up to bar with the fanciest Web 2.0 stuff - but boy is content king! And the content can be browsed or searched for by keyword or theme, and Liam welcomes help if you get very inspired by this kind of project.

What I was most taken by is the feeling of the place. It feels like the internet should: nice and collaborative, done by people with good sense of humour and an unselfish willingness to help others and share what they've got. Much like Elftown.

The internet was made for people like Liam only.
/ [iippo]

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2011-05-28 [Viking]: Cooooool. I've been looking for some good decorative initials. Maybe I'll find some good ones there.

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