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Alright, we're starting. Do you have everything? Paper, pencil, eraser? Good.
The first rule of drawing is that you know what you want. It doesn't matter if it takes you a long time to figure out how you're gonna do it, or a couple of seconds.
For me it always works to draw on the music. For this tutorial I got the inspiration from the song Ressuraction by HIM (it's worth to listen to ;)) and we'll be going through it as described in the previous page.

The real works:

We're starting with the basic stickman figure. Nothing fancy here, we're just outlining the basic shapes the character is gonna get with soft pencil lines.


I started to outline the body so far, making a head, some shoulders and some hips and legs. Still nothing major but it gives you a better view of the creature you're trying to bring to live =) Please note the ears. Because of the angle of the head, they're not on the same line as they normally would. Instead you can draw a straight line from the left earlob to the right eartop. Keep on drawing lightly with soft lines.


I made the helplines a bit clearer, especially in the shoulder and elbow section. I also added some lines in the face for the eyes, nose and mouth.


Now this is where it get's funnier. Because I really like to do expressions and hair, I began working on the head. Remember the angle of the head kids! With a pose like this, it is "impossible" that the character is looking you right into the eyes. Also the hands, if you look closely you'll see the same lines in the previous tutorial.


Now, this is almost my favorite part, besides the inkting and colouring, mind you. I added some hair, made some lines clearer, removed a couple and doodle a bit on the ears because I didn't really liked how they stood on the paper. Remember, hair always comes from one point on the head. I tried to show it here with a small circle on the center of the head.


Oh good Lord! A second stickman figure appeared! Yes dear, I wouldn't let her stand there all alone. Besides the stickman, I added more detail to the hair and erased some of the helplines with a soft eraser.


As you can see, I added the helplines on the other stickman's head and removed some more of the first figure's head. I'm also trying to figure out the angle for the arm. Don't fret when something won't work immediatly, that's what the helplines are for ;)


Now we're repeating the whole process again, by outlining the other character. You can now darken the lines of the first character and erase some more helplines. Also, it's up to you what you want to do with the rest of the drawing ;)


Final product. Like I said, just repeat what you've done before with the first figure and it'll all be alright. I personally started to dislike the hair and changed it to something art nouveau like, gave the man a face, wings and some clothing as well as the woman. Now, you're ready for inkting if you like, or erase some more lines and colour it with whatever media you'd like.



Onward! --> Inkting and Scanning

Nuu! Back to LadyMoon's Tutorials<--

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2005-09-19 [Elthia]: O.O That's a scary thought... I think I've now learned more of you by reading this page than I've ever learned of my art teacher during the last...nine years ><

2005-09-19 [LadyMoon]: LOL O.O;

2005-09-19 [Elthia]: How do you do this? o.o You make a great and funny tutorial and an absolutely amazing drawing!

2005-09-19 [LadyMoon]: Thank you =D I'm suprised then ^^;

2005-09-19 [Elthia]: About what?

2005-09-19 [LadyMoon]: that it works for people ^^

2005-09-19 [Elthia]: lol ^^ It works very well! Thank you :D

2005-09-19 [LadyMoon]: You're very very welcome ^^

2005-09-19 [Hummingbird]: Ack no onwardness! I wanna go onward! Lol LOVE IT!! Its so helpful and of course funny, the part that had me splitting my sides was "Oh good Lord! A second stickman figure appeared! Yes dear, I wouldn't let her stand there all alone" XD beautiful finished product! ooooooooh *droooooools*

2005-09-19 [LadyMoon]: Lol ^^;;;;; tommorow new adition I will try o.0 *talks Yoda style, Gods I luv that guy ^^*

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