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Vegas night at HG. I sang karaoke sober, which must be the craziest thing I ever done.
Simon, Stefan and Uli.
The KARAOKE-bar... FEAR!
No idea what Stefan is singing here, but he was generally pretty good.
The "lady" in pink, David(?) had a birthday-party and they were active at the karaoke-machine... Some were betters than others...
Joakim and Emelie
Fångad av en stormvind for the first time this evening. They did it very good with dancing and all. We could only ask for more eye-contact with the crowd.
Uli, Sam, Mark (??), Stefan
Dekadans - a dancing group, was performing.
Visitors from Göteborg were singing. Quite well, but I don't remember the tune.
Stefan and Uli singing "Om jag får en egen måne", I think.
Terese and Hedda.

/ [Hedda]

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