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Foxy Damei



Foxy Damei, Fox for short
Appears to be about 24 or 25. So still a rockin' hottie!!!
Fae/Fairy, psychic! Can read palms, tarot cards, minds, and sometimes she gets visions from the future. She also has very strong telekinetic powers.
Owner of a club, Bartender, and Musician
Fox has many skills, her best is Making a mean drink and playing the guitar! She is a very good dancre, as well as a singer. She is the singer, and lead guitarist for the local bar she owns. 
The only weapon besides her sharp tongue that she possess is the STI's Tactical model 1911 with ITI. Best gun ever made in her opinion. She carries one on her at all times, though she owns several more.
She has long brown hair with two white streaks in the front. She put it is so many different styles that there is no telling what it'll be tomorrow. Everything she wears has been made by her. And it is all either leather material or jean material.

She's almost always found wearing a weeping willow necklace that has been passed down in her family for 8 generations in the center of the tree is a small green gem. She has several piercings on both of her ears, many consider her to be gothic, but it's just her style. She has an amazing tattoo on her left shoulder in which she designed by herself, it's a double bow and arrow.

Her clothing is always tight fitting and sensual. Normally leather but she can sometimes be caught in jeans. No matter what kind of pants she is wearing, weather it be leather, jeans, or a skirt, she can be found wearing boots. Her tops are normally sleeveless, tube tops, halter, tanks, and occasionally a revealing long sleeve or t-shirt. They will either be, leather, jean, or black tops.

People are often heard whispering about her clothing, saying it provocative or slutty. But does Fox care, no, because it is HER style.
Fox has a sort of bad ass personality, but in a very gentle sort of way. She's completely different when she's around strangers then when she's around her band mates, and Benny. When she's around them she's free spirited and loving but once she's in boss mode, watch out, you wont want to argue with her.
Fox was born years before the cover up of the World War. From the beginning until now. She had been locked up for a few years until the government realized everyone thought she wasn't a noticeable, "freak". Once out of the scrutiny of the government, she decided to get a group together and build a band and a club. This wasn't just some club, this was the only club in the county. It is also the most popular because the band Anarchy plays there, Fox, being the lead guitarist and lead singer. Making it the most popular band and club in the world. 
The secret to why she is so cold hearted: Long ago she trusted a select few and they turned their backs on her when she decided she was going to fight for what's right. Now, she doesn't even give people a chance to even think about betraying her.

The only people she has left to trust, is her band!


Conflict Continuum

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2012-02-09 [Yuriona]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/15695/FoxyDamei_clean_pencils-02-12.png>
Still rough yet but thought I'd get an opinion before getting much further.

2012-02-09 [Celtore]: She's great!!! Sexy lol

2012-02-09 [Yuriona]: Well that's what the description says. lol

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