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2011-09-04 01:21:16
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Instructions on how Flirt Messages works

You can send a message as a flirt. That means that the flirt message isn't sent until the receiver also flirts with you. So you can write something like "Will you marry me?" or "ur hot! do u have msn?!?!" and no one will ever get annoyed by it, because they will only see the flirt if they are interested in you.

If you send a flirt to someone that has sent a flirt to you, that flirt will be sent as a message to you, and your flirt will also immediately be sent as a message with the comment that it is a responded flirt.

If successful, you can get married, but please kindly send a donation to this site as this site is the matchmaker after all... Minimum $2,888.

Note: If you flirt with someone and that member flirt back, the next flirt will be sent only if that member flirts with you again.

How to list your flirts

Go to your notes and press "List sent but unresponded flirts".

How to list successful flirts

No, you can't list them. You can search it in your messages if they are not yet deleted.

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2007-04-11 [Meroku]: Whats wronge with the poor little fucked up emo's?

2007-04-11 [Paul Doyle]: I'll tell you what's wrong. The poor little fucked up emos think Elftown is the "Promised Land".

2007-04-22 [MisterScurvy]: So heaps of people might be flirting with me, but I'll never know unless I send flirts to EVERYONE just in case? Sounds like a plan!

2007-05-24 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: that sounds like a good idea scurvy

2007-08-15 [~*Love_Less*~]: lol

2007-09-22 [wee-hen]: hello

2007-11-04 [dragon of death vally]: ugh

2008-03-14 [5cm/s]: Wow this is funneh!
What if you send someone a flirt to see if they would flirt with you but then they're doing the same thing to you? ^^
Sent: Are you flirting with me? Received: Are you flirting with me?

2008-06-01 [Mödi]: That would be sooooooo confusing... o.o I'd be like "OMG, IS IT JUST RESENDING IT BACK TO ME OR WHAT THE BEDOODLES IS GOING ON?!" And then I'd make a face like D: and pull a total *headdesk* just for show. Y'know, to be even more melodramatic. Chicks dig that kinda thing. ;D (haha, gotta love knowing the male mind and using it to make jokes...)

2008-07-23 [Sythja]: you folks are hilarious

2008-08-10 [Bloodnymph]: i know she let's me down, but just for a short while then she changes her mind

2008-08-23 [Nick88]: What is this spot for?

2008-12-04 [grayghost]: It's for explaning the flit messages,Thank the gods that I am married! I think that once you begin flirting you are opening a pandora's box of trouble. To many very young people in elftown that might take flirting to heart and get hurt in the process! There might even be a few older Elftownes thay might use the flirt in harmful ways intensionally. Just the concerns of an old ghost,

2008-12-22 [Calays]: Well, I shall never know if anyone flirted with me, I am way too young to flirt back. But this system is a bit confusing, and I'm sure it makes people REALLY curious sometimes...<img:44166_1164145272.gif>

2009-05-11 [Aquariuscelesti a]: my friends too chicken to ask...idk why....can you delete your sent, but unopened flirts soo the reciever cant see them?

2009-10-15 [princessfai]: ~Annette~, it is possible to do so. i just tried it out and it works. u just have to click on "delete flirt". to the bottom right of the flirt that is sent. but must be sent but unopened flirts.

2009-10-15 [princessfai]: haha! a player who talked on year 2005 is weird! how could it be possible "a girl likes u but do not want u to like her."
-.- i am a female myself. there is no such thing!!! hahaha!

2010-09-08 [CodeRed]: I wonder how many flirts we've gotten and will never know

2010-12-23 [Ace-of-Spirits]: XD

2010-12-23 [Ace-of-Spirits]: I just now found about this

2011-01-28 [Self-Destruct]: Sounds risky. I mean, what if it's a good friend or something? There are some things that are better left a secret. Ignorance is bliss and all that shite.

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