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Welcome to the Fine Art Institution!

Currently owned and run by [wildmage92].



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What is the Fine Art Institution?

The Fine Art Institution is a place for budding artists and authors to enter competitions, show off work and otherwise just have fun! That's all of it!
The Comment Swap List!
Members of the Fine Art Institution have the option to join the Fine Art Institution Comment Swap List. The Swap List is an inventory of members from the Institute that promise to reply to comments left on their Elfwood gallery or library. These members chose to add their names because they are hungry for comments. Any user who strolls across this page can help themselves to a healthy list of members that have promised returned comments. If they do chose to leave comments in the galleries or libraries, a week or two later they will recieve comments on their Elfwood page to sooth their hunger.

More Galleries

If you happen to have a gallery on Elftown, Deviant Art, or anywhere else you can add that to your list of galleries as well right under your name on the members page.


The Institute holds monthly contests for members who are looking for fun! Contests could be for artists or authors for pictures, photos, short stories, or poems, but the competition is always there! Winners may enter the Hall of Winners


Experienced members can submit links to Tutorials to the Institute to earn the status of 'teacher'. Users can view the tutorials and hopefully find them helpful.

Fine Art Member Wikis

If you're a member of the Institute, go ahead and add your name and wiki on the list! Only add the wiki if you are the owner! If you would like to advertise a wiki that you're in, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE! To add a wiki that you joined, like or watch please add it to the Fine Art Affiliates page, not here!

Fine Art Institution Tours

If you would like your artwork or stories from Elfwood ( to be displayed in a tour, you can submit the picture url, your username, and a blurb about the picture at the New Fine Art Institution Tour. You can veiw previous tours at Fine Art Institution Tours.



Rules and Guidelines


<img:> Members should return comments made on his/her Elfwood gallery/library by commenting back to the person who they received a comment from. For example: You receive a comment from Artist: Jones. You should go to Jones's gallery and give your opinion on one of his pictures. Although, if Jones commented thrice in your library, you need only comment at least once on his gallery.
<img:> Comments made in galleries/libraries should be compliments or constructive critism. If I repeatedly receive complaints of a certain member of the Institute leaving mean comments, the member will be removed.
<img:> When you sign up to be a member you MUST have a link to an Elfwood gallery/library. Without one, you will be deleted.


<img:> Comments made on your page that are mean and rude are not required to be replied to.
<img:> It is wise for members to declare that they are a part of this organization and will reply to comments. They should say so in their bio in their Elfwood gallery or library
<img:> Members only have to reply to comments made in their Elfwood gallery/library and are not required to reply to comments in their galleries in Elftown or in their other galleries (such as a Deviant Art gallery), however, it is optional to add a link to other galleries when you sign up.
Do your best to reply to comments. If you are going on an extended vacation or need time to catch up, please leave a note next to your name on the members page stating your situation. if you would wish to leave, delete your name from the members page.

Member Requirements

<img:> Members are required to add their name and gallery to a list on the Fine Art Institution Members page.
<img:> Members are required to have an Elfwood ( gallery or library.
<img:> Members are required to reply to comments left on their Elfwood ( gallery or library.




Why You Should Join!

Sure this organization is still budding and there are fewer members than the number my fingers, but where else is it going to start? I happen to have some very good reasons why you should join!

<img:> People will come to you for comments! People will comment on your Elfwood gallery or library in hopes you will return the favor (if you've read the member requirements, you will).
<img:> By joining, you are granted permission to submit your wikis on the Fine Art Wiki page! (Advertisement! Woo!)
<img:> You can add your fine art from Elfwood ( to the Fine Art Institution Tour! Once enough members sign up, a tour will be created with the pictures or stories you entered!
<img:> When you join, you can participate in the competitions held here at the Institution every month! Create signs, poems, stories and pictures for the competition and who knows? Maybe you'll win and be added to the Institute's Hall of Winners!
<img:> Members may add a link to their tutorial to the Institute's tutorial list.

All in all, I hope to create this organization that will help members advertise their wikis and galleries effectively, help elfwood users receive more comments, possibly improve their skills using tutorials and have fun as well. You can help me by joining and staying active -- or just joining! It can't hurt!

How to Join

To join, simply add your username, an elftown gallery (not required), and your Elfwood ( gallery and/or library to the Fine Art Institution Members page.




Staff members are members of the Institution that help with the running of the wiki. Staff members are volunteers and more are always welcome. Staff are also allowed to add themselves to the Hall of Winners! To become a part of the staff, send a message to [wildmage92].

As of now, there are three positions in the staff.

<img:> Inspectors - Inspectors make sure that everything in the Institute is working as its supposed to. They check Fine Art Institution Members, Fine Art Contest, New Fine Art Institution Tour and Fine Art Affiliates for incorrect entries. If possible they fix the incorrect entry, and if not they notify the user with the problem. If neither option is available they delete the entry. Inspectors also check the Hall of Winners for entries that don't have reason to be there. They should delete the entry if found. They check Fine Art Member Wikis to make sure that the wikis are owned by the member who posted them.

<img:> Judge - Judges judge the entries in the contests. When a contest is held, the judges will send a note to the owner ([wildmage92]) and tell her their two favorite entries. With the opinions of the Judges in mind, [wildmage92] will make the final decision.

<img:> Owner - The owner of the Fine Art Institution. Has Authority over all staff and members. In the case that [wildmage92] chooses to leave elftown, she will hand over the ownership to a deserving member.



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