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Finding Home

As the leaves of the summer trees whisper in the wind, a great longing came over Chay. By now he was used to this feeling, as it came too often. He is only a young lad of 13 and should still have the boyish erg to go out and have fun with his peers, but somehow he found himself alone with only the trees to comfort him. Somehow, someway he had outgrown all his peers. Giving a sigh, he made his way down the tree from where he sat on one of the highest branches. He had finally made the decision to go find the truth, no matter what the consequences are. 

As he stared walking the small foot path that leads to the only home he knows, someone appeared in the far distance. Chay could immediately recognise his one and only friend Ferris, walking fast but lightly on his Elvin feet. For a moment Chay paused to look at his own feet, noticing again on how big they looked and how clumsy they were on the ground compared to Ferris’s feet. They make so much noise when he walks. Even worse when he runs! Why was he so different from everyone here? He knew his name Chay meant from the oak forest, so why is he so different from all the elves he knew so well. Ferris met up with him, looking a bit grim.

“Your mother is looking for you Chay, she sent me to find you. What are you doing out here again?” 
Chay gave another sigh, and walked pass Ferris. He had no spirit to argue with his friend. The only thing on his mind now, is to go to his mother and ask her why he is so different. She had avoided the topic for some time now, but he had to make her tell him. He won’t give her any other choice. For the rest of the walk home, neither boy said a word. Chay couldn’t help but notice that he is so much taller than Ferris, yet Ferris is so much older than him.

As they reached the Elvin town’s gates, Chay turned to Ferris. 
“I’m going to see my mother, you should head home.” And with that said, he turned and walked off towards the Elvin palace, not waiting for any reply from his friend. Ferris didn’t argue and left his friend to sort out what ever troubled him so. 

Chay made his way to the palace hardly greeting the elves he passed. He didn’t want to get sidetracked. Keeping his thoughts all together, head down and walking as fast as he can he reaches the Palace in no time. When he reached the big courtyard that surrounded the Palace he was surprised to see his mother waiting there for him. Her long red-copper hair glowed in the sun, as only an Elvin princes can, showing her beauty even more.

“Chay, where have you been?” She scolded him.

“It does not matter, I have come to ask you mother, once again, why am I different? I’m not an elf, which I know, so why am I here? How did I get here?”

“Hush dear one, we cannot discus this here in the courtyard! We can always do this at an appropriate time and place my boy.”

“Then where mother? Not in the Palace, not in the courtyard, as you say that too often! I don’t care if someone hears us. I want the answer no matter what!” Chay demanded.

His mother shook her head and took his hand.
“All right, I can see you’re not going to leave it this time. Follow me then. I guess I can show you this just once.” 

She said leading him back out of the palace courtyard, still holding his hand. They made their way out of the small Elvin town, with a couple of curious glances from the fellow elves, but not before long, they were on the path that leads them into the deeper forest. After a long while of walking in silence, Chay couldn’t keep his eagerness in anymore. He let go of her hand.

“Where are you talking me mother?”

“Hush dear child, and follow me.” Is all she answered back to him.
Chay gave a sigh, but decided not to push it. This is the first time his mother is not ignoring the subject. He followed his Elvin mother in silence the rest of the way, trying to concentrate on the unknown path they were on.
After quite a while, she suddenly stopped and turned to him.

“Where are we mother?” He asked looking around, knowing he has never been this far away from the Elvin home he lived in. The forest is allot thicker here.

“We are at the borders of our forest. This is where our world ends my child.” She said with a sad expression on here face. Chay had heard of the borders of the forest, but never dared come here. No elf is allowed to come here. Rumours say you would never return if you come this far.

“But what-?”
“You are right Chay, you’re not one of us, and I only regret it now as I can see it is causing you so much pain. If I but have knew you would suffer so, I would never have dared take you from your rightful home. I’m so sorry my child”

“Mother, I don’t understand what you are saying.”

“You’re a human, not an elf my boy. When you were but just a babe, I took you from your mothers cradle, and brought you with me to my palace. I never thought it would trouble you so, especially if you didn’t know about the other humans. But it seems that I was wrong. And my child, you must believe me if I say that I’m truly sorry.”

“Why? Why did you do it?”

“I cannot conceive myself. I am barren, therefore I cannot get a child. Chay, I know you don’t understand my reason right now, but one day, when you’re older, you will.”

For a moment, Chay only stood staring at the elf he always knew as his mother.
“Where is…where are all the humans then? Where is my real home?” He said stepping away from her.

“Beyond this border lays the country of the humans, the place where you were born.”

“And….is Chay even my real name?”

“Yes, it’s your Elvin name, you need no other! Chay please understand!”

“But what did the humans call me then?”

His mother gave a heavy sigh, and turned around. She couldn’t face him anymore. She knew she was loosing him. Yet she had no other choice but to tell him the truth, even if it hurt her so.
“They called you David.” 

Chay turned to look into the darker part of the forest. He knew now that he needed to go back to the country he was born too. He will go search for his real parents, and return home, his real home. He had no life here with the elves. He didn’t belong.
“Take me there.” He said stepping closer to her again.

“Chay please!”

“This is not my home, I don’t belong here! Take me to the country of the humans. Please mother, I want to see them!”
Reluctantly she gave in, and walked into the darker forest. Chay followed, feeling the excitement building up inside him. Finally his questions are answered and now he knows why he never belonged here. As she reached, what looked like ivy growing so thickly together they formed a curtain, she stopped.

“Are you sure this is what you want my child?” She asked looking not at him, but at the ivy curtain in front of her.


Without replying, she gently laid her two hands on the ivy curtain. A shimmer went through the ivy leaves, and slowly but certainly, they shifted to form a small hole, big enough for Chay to walk through.

“Trough there is the human land. But Chay, if you go through, you would never be able to find me again. It’s impossible for you tome come back.” She said laying her hand on his shoulder.

Without a word, he stepped through the hole, and she let go of the ivy. They fell back in place, leaving her alone, and her heart cold with grieve

Writen by [Wednesday]
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