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Find Love Wiki

This is the list of Wikis you must check if you are looking for love in the town:

Be My Penguin?
Elftown Couples
Flirters Corner
Honeyz United
Kt & Rebecca's Pimps
Lovely Two
Lovers of Elftown
Opposites Attract
The Waiting Room
True Love Club

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2004-11-15 [Sersia04]: can someone add that cause i can't...the page has a password

2004-11-15 [Sersia04]: Passion

2004-11-15 [Yoruno]: Passion has been added! *bows*

2004-12-23 [desthum( i luv c.ronaldo)]: i want to fall in love

2004-12-23 [Accio]: Ok then. [#9437] is available, lol... jkjk.

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