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Femme Fatale's Character Storage

This wiki is "in memorandum" for all the RP characters I've created over the years. However, I feel they've all died green deaths and need another chance to appear on the interwebs. Any of the ones listed below I'd be more than glad to bring back out of limbo.

If you're willing to RP, drop me a line. I'd prefer either RPing via ET or IM...I'm not the best with RPing via I only check it for due dates and etc for bills or school. Yeah, too much info, I know...

Below are RPs I've made and would like to RP either for the first time or for another go-around:

Swirling Ink

Mythology Colliseum

Below are links to characters and their bio wikis:


The Queen of Phantoms: Morrigan


Below are characters who do not have their own wikis:

Name: Amigone (“am eye gon”)
Sex: Female
Age: 300+ years under her belt
Original country: A native Yuin elf
Occupation: Wanderer
Hobby: She's been fulfilling her adventurous side, wandering around, freelancing as a translator for extra money.
Appearance: still short, but now curly dark green hair, average skin and violet eyes, two freckles under the left. She wears what vagabonds and mercenaries of the day wear: pants with boots and tunics, hers in various jewel tones, and a plethora of scarves wrapped around her.
Weapons: Amigone has discovered a new art using her powers of translation, but she's oddly closed-mouthed about it.
Shields/armor: Nada.
Personality: She used to be a very bored person, but now she's matured a little. That's not to say she isn't sassy anymore, it's just not as at the expense of others. She's much more upbeat and invigorated with life.
Weaknesses: Amigone is still a little bad when it comes to planning ahead of time.
Strengths: She is a natural-born linguist. Amigone is wonderfully gifted with picking up any language –animate objects or not.
*History: Amigone has known Taka since they were little girls. She is the middle child of seven other children, so she has never been given much attention from her parents. However, for the past four years of her life, she's been wandering the lands, in search for something that means something to her. Whatever it was, she seems to have found it.

Name (character): Kacen (Kay-sen)
Sex: Male
Age: Roughly 374
Original country: Yuin (elf)
Occupation: He's built his own sort of market place while helping rebuild the hometown, aka: He owns his own business, and is quite successful with it.
Hobby: Kacen is consumed by his job, even when off the clock. Possibly because it's one of the few things he knows now.
Appearance: He's still the green haired, emerald eyed boy he used to be. He has now grown well-groomed facial hair, and wears his hair in a more contemporary, layered style. Kacen dresses oddly "confident" for being who he used to be.
Weapons: He still holds onto that glorious knife with the ability to inject poison.
Shields/armor: None.
Personality: Kacen's still a bit timid, but it's obvious he's picked up a bit of confidence in the last few years. He's actually learned to be a bit charming (for his job of selling people things), but charming in the gentleman way, still appearing shy at times. Things must be logical for him, otherwise it is difficult for him to grasp (like strange emotions). In fact, it seems like he's grown two different selves that contradict one another. His professional suave salesman side (hardly anyone can refuse his accent now) and his still shy, indecisive self.
Weaknesses: Though he has grown to steer his own business and livelihood, he's still indecisive and quite inept at social/personal things. Illogical things, like people's emotions. He freaks out if flirted with.
Strengths: He's still a very giving person, and is learning the ropes to living his own life.
*History: Kacen didn't nearly go to school as long as his peers, because he couldn't decide which talent to specialize in. His father was devastated when he discovered Kacen wouldn't be joining the family blacksmithing business, for he was their only child and heir. Thus, Kacen was kicked out and forced to fend for himself in this dog-eat-dog world. Four years ago, he was given the choice to go where he wanted, and at first he was placed with Tuesday, the girl he secretly pined for. However, he grew restless in the temple (true to his indecisive nature), and decided to head back to his old hometown to lend a hand in its rebirth, finding his niche in the process.

Name (character): Carthic Growger
Sex: Male
Age: 370
Original country: From a village in Yuin by the name of Reskonair
Occupation: Bar tender
Hobby: Very much a “night out on the town” sort of fellow. Also, Carthic likes to learn a couple fighting styles from a local “Dojo.”
Appearance: Dark, copper skin, perfectly toned body with mahogany hair that is gelled (or the Yuin equivalent of gelled) to stick out everywhere (attractive bed head). Carthic’s eyes are a stunning green color, and his nose has a stud in it. His elfin ears have several piercings and he dresses in the latest fashions. Across his chest (more accureately, where his clavicle is) he has a tattoo of a Qwinnish prayer as “protection.” He is very much a “of the latest” sort of guy, the newest fashions, the newest gadgets, any fad, really. Carthic wears a ring on his middle finger and also has a little woven bracelet with shells attached that he never takes off. Overall, he looks rather Nepali, at least to the Earth people he would appear to be so.
Weapons: When in a fight, he wears metal plating on his shins, feet, forearms and hands...the hands one taking more of a form of a glove with claws at the knuckles.
Shields/armor: He's pretty hardy, and those plates he puts on for fights help quite a bit for softening blows.
Personality: Char-mer! Carthic loves to be around people, and actually hates being alone, and is most likely the reason he sleeps around often.. He is extremely confident, but not a jackass. The majority of the time, he is chewing a piece of Yuin gum and is constantly blowing and popping bubbles – one of his nasty habits.
Weaknesses: being too over confident and he thinks he can do just about anything when he really can't. Also, he tends to lose focus and thinks about the naugh-tay, so he can get distracted rather easily.
Strengths: Carthic rather fit and knows many fighting styles.
History: Carthic lived his whole life in a high paced city setting. He’s done a few “side jobs,” even as a kid, for a criminal organizations, but it doesn’t make him a bad person. He mostly does whatever benefits him. So basically, a very urban existence, nothing too out of the ordinary from the lifestyle. Carthic doesn’t have any really close friends, just associates or parts of posses he keeps around for the company. He had only been in a meaningful relationship once, that had led to an engagement (thus the ring) but, she had fallen into bad things and died from questionable means. Even he had realized, though, that they were actually like strangers that stayed together: two lonely birds flocking together. The bracelet, on the other hand, he had found and from then on, he considered it his lucky trinket. Lastly, he was involved in the rebellion and in his bar held many meetings for the people fighting for Qwin.

Name: Isadora VanWeller
Age: 144
Gender: Female
Race: Drow
Occupation::Avron's personal Mercenary, basically (though not necessarily always paid with money.)
Appearance: Isadora's skin is charcoal grey, and her hair is wavy/curly and white (usually pulled up into a pony tail). Her orange eyes aren't usually seen because Isadora wears dark goggles/spectacles due to her sensitive eyes. Her drow ears are long and pierced many times. She wears a violet jacket, fingerless gloves on her hands, the left one fully fingered and usually kept within her bag. Wears black pants cut into parts, along with boots. Along her hip, she carries a large bag, fastened by many belts.
Personality: If anything, Isadora's just weird, and willing to do a lot of things (as long as it's worth her time). When she sets herself to a mission, she sees it through to the end, and greatly dislikes when something gets in the way or hinders her. She's a bit sassy and sarcastic, willing to toss in a few "lines."
History: Isadora looked up to her older brother Paquirnel, who was also a mercenary. He was one of the best, and eventually they teamed up together and split the payment. However, there was a mission of which her brother could not carry out to its fullest. The customer was not satisfied, seeing as he had already fulfilled his half of the bargain, and hired another mercenary to "take care" of the two. Isadora's brother was decapitated by the mercenary and she lost her hand in combat with the hired assassin, taking his life. No one knows for sure if it's her hand that's reattached or not.
Overlord: Avron
Strengths/Weaknesses: Power of the magic of air (lightning mostly), though her speciality lies within her bag. Isadora can conjure things, but only from her bag, and only if she knows the exact location of the object she wishes to conjure. The main weapons she uses (conjures) are throwing knives, shuriken, and small lightning bombs. On occasion, she will pull out longer swords, but she is not skilled with them. Her eyes are sensitive to sunlight, so she must wear her spectacles, otherwise she has a rough time seeing, and gets a migraine.
Quirks: There's something VERY odd about her left hand...

Name: Oueia Moneke
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: a Were-Monkey
Magic: Earth, Air (not an expert)
Weapons: Whatever's lying around.
Physical Description: Usually in a humanoid/monkey form, Oueia has a long prehensil tail and monkey-like hands. Also, instead of human feet, she has monkey feet (which are more or less like hands) that she wears finger-less gloves over for protection from rocky terrain. Her fur, eyes and hair are a reddish brown, though her hair has many highlights from the sun. Most times, her hair sticks up at odd angles, windblown from all the action she does. Oueia wears a short red jacket, on her left side the sleeve is rolled to her elbow, and on her right side it's torn off at the shoulder. Underneath she has an orange shirt on and her pants are black, cut into sections and linked together by rings. Left side it ends, frayed at the calf, and on the right it ends in rings at the calf. Her monkey form carries the same fur and eye color scheme.
Personality Description: Oueia definitely has a lot of positive energy. She's extremely energetic and gets into everything. She favors unpredictability and becomes very curious.
History: *optional* Calls the tree top villages in the jungle, where other were-monkeys live, her home. It is not unusual for Were-monkeys to travel around amongst other tree-top villages, but it is rare for a were-monkey to leave the jungles. Oueia is curious enough to cross that border.
Pic: *optional* Because I go the extra mile: <img:>

Name: Zusoir “The Scholar”

Age: 24

Description: 5’6” to 5’7”. skin bronzed by his environment, although not too dark (compared to Kap, he’s rather light). His eyes are amber yellow and his hair is reminiscent of a tortoise shell design: it varies from a rich brown to a speckled blonde. His wings and tails are along the same pattern, but tipped in black. He is not of a warrior build, but he does have some muscle definition. Zusoir also wears a loin cloth.

Personality: Very gentle and caring and rather upbeat and loves to laugh He is very friendly with strangers, though not entirely willing to let them in completely. In the human paradigm, Zusoir would seem to have more feminine qualities than masculine qualities.

Abillities: He is fairly smart and knows a lot about the world around him, as well as in depth knowledge of his own culture.

Special Fact: When he “came of age,” Zusoir tattooed himself with the Bewinged word of “knowledge/wisdom” on his chest, as it is something that is very important to him.

History: Zusoir’s father had died during a hunt when Zusoir was young, so he missed out on a lot of male activities, and spent a lot of time around his mother, Vuvrainia, who enriched his mind with all the knowledge she could find. Vuvrainia encouraged Zusoir to get out and explore things to further his conception of the world.

Name: Madison LeCoeur
Age: 26
Description: Deep red hair, almost maroon, kept very orderly whether it’s in a bun, ponytail, or just let down. Even her makeup is immaculate. Her eyes are a misty blue. Madison’s tragically beautiful: she resembles a 1920’s starlet. Usually, she wears nurse’s uniforms or something classy. Madison's been at the Asylum for a while now, several years. It's estimated that she wound up here at about the age of 22.
Personality: Very nurturing and gentle. She’s the type of person someone would come to with their problems. She knows pretty much everything about everyone here in the institution: staff and inmates alike. She thinks that she's actually a nurse at the institution, even though she's actually an inmate. Madison is allowed more freedom with things due to her cooperation, and that they let her help on minor procedures to keep her calm (officially; unofficially it's because they would like the help).
Special ability: psychometrics. Simply put: she can pick up psychic impressions left by others. Madison can pick up on a history or trace of someone’s thoughts, feelings, etc. She would know who was there, what they were thinking, even what they were/are like. Madison has the ability of empathy and can dull someone’s pain.
History: Madison would prefer her past to stay in the past. But the short version: she was once a nurse and sensed some psychic impressions of several patients in comas, which led her to pull the plugs on their life support systems. She’s not a killer, at least she doesn’t feel that she is, but Madison just felt she was carrying out the wishes of the patients.
How long they've been at the asylum: 3 years

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