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Felina Deyono

Special note:
This is a highly powerful character not intended for normal use in most games.

Other names/nicknames/titles:
Topaz, Guardian Topaz, Nightshade, Nightshadow
User: [Nightshadow]
Sex: female
Age: 89
Species: Serinian
Rank: Guardian of her dimension, psi-spellcaster
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Felina is short (5'0") and skinny. Not supermodel skinny, but "goodness, are you ill?" skinny. This carries over into a small bust and thin hips. It's a trait of her race. She's quite muscular, but is one of those people who just gets toned without getting big. Despite all that, though, she's rather pretty, if you can get over the eleven-inch ears that stick out to either side of her head. These move around according to her mood and what she's listening to.

She seldom to never wears shoes. If the ground is hot or whatever, she has a pair of high-tech cloth-like sock-like things that slip over her feet and protect them.

Weapons: Felina's main weapon is Culheru, a powerful broadsword left to her by her father. The sword's real abilities haven't yet been determined, although it has seemed semi-sentient at times.

Skills/powers: Felina's swordsmanship is absolutely superb, the result of it being a bit of an obsession since she was eleven. Her psychic perception gives her a decided edge in fights, so if she and her opponent are about evenly matched or the opponent's a bit better, she usually wins anyway.
The most notable thing about Felina is her psychic power. She reads most everyone's mind all the time without trying…she just hears things as though they were conversation. She can attack with and defend against psionic attacks. She's the strongest psion—by no virtue of her own—in the dimension and so is the Guardian of the Topaz dimension, which lets her jump between the eleven dimensions via a crystal imbedded in her left wrist. This allows her to “teleport” herself, someone else, or objects and is one of her most common offensive or defensive tactics.
She's also a somewhat beginning spellcaster—quasi Eastern school. She's only been at that for fifty years or so and, since magic is less instinctive than psychic ability, doesn't exactly have bragging rights on her skill. She can, however, pack a lot of power behind spells.

History: Felina was created by a very powerful wizard, though one withdrawn from the affairs of the universe, for the purpose of protecting her less powerful older brother, Saea. Tel-tiono (the wizard), before her construction had even begun, made the difficult decision to leave her in the care of two real Serinians so that she wouldn't be as sheltered as Saea. He also vowed not to interfere with her life until she reached thirty years of age. He would neither reveal her identity nor teach her nor protect her, short of saving her life at the exact last moment. And he held to that promise.
Felina's adopted parents were killed when she was seven by a psychic faction, the Thryrins, seeking control of her yet undirected power. Her adopted sister, Halin, also a psion though a less powerful one, was kidnapped while Felina escaped. By a stroke of cruel irony, years later, Felina was onboard a ship ambushed by a certain group of slavers. From there she became a slave to the Calycon Tournaments, a gladiator-style fighting circuit, in which she first pulled her hobby fighting skill to a deadly edge. Startlingly, and by virtue of a power she neither understood nor trusted, she survived.
She escaped at age 14 with the help of one Dyne Therade, who legally adopted her soon after. They lived on a trashy, overcrowded city of a planet, where he still resides. This drinking, flirting, drug-pushing father figure was an interesting one, to be sure, but Felina does love him despite often having to bail his ass out of trouble.
She worked her way through five years of schooling in three months, to make up for an education she had never received, to become a member of the Interstellar Enforcement Agency, which she was accepted to after three years in the less prestigious Rioku Patrol. She was dishonourably discharged in only months for using strength-enhancing drugs she had never touched. Her too-keen strength later proved to be the result of a power she had run from her entire life, her psionic abilities. She didn't understand what they were, only that something kept happening and it was to blame for all the crap she went through.
At age 18, she was reluctantly recruited into the Sentries, the dominant psychic faction in the galaxy. (Not a group I intend to put into roleplay.) There she finally began to learn to focus her power, though hating it all the way.
To skip her short and successful career as a Sentry, which included its top, elected leadership position, that of Archsentry, she found herself disgusted with the universe in general and just trying to avoid contact with it. At that point of wandering, she was recruited again, this time into a group she had never heard of.
The Dimensional Guardians are the repairmen of our dying universe...they keep it functioning just so much longer. Felina replaced the late Guardian of the Topaz Dimension. Even in this small group--eleven members--Felina was too hardened against the worlds to trust her newfound allies. After the Guardians risked their own lives to save hers after a really nasty incident involving a bastard by the name of Celion, they took leaps to gaining her trust, and have it in full today.
When Felina was thirty, as promised before her creation, she met her father. She hated him at first: for never guiding her, for never being there at all, even for just creating her. She became very withdrawn for some time, rarely reachable even to her best friend, Rin. It took her a long time to overcome the feeling that she was simply a robot, a mindless being with only one purpose in life. Hers, of course, was to protect her brother Saea. Eventually, though, she came to understand, respect, and even love her father, deeply. They shared a close bond as a mentor to his student and a father to his daughter, as though she had been born and not created.
When she was 86, her father, via danger to her, was coaxed into a fight with a powerful interuniversal Traveler. In the course of the battle, Tel-tiono was suddenly imprisoned by a trap, a technique they had agreed not to use. The following attack was more than enough to destroy the more powerful but too-honourable mage, had Felina not jumped into the middle and tried to intercept the blast herself. It went straight through her, but she proved just enough buffer that her father was able to deflect it from himself. Felina died within the minute.
Tel-tiono was stunned and grief-stricken...he was gifted or cursed of foresight. He had seen his death, anticipated it and prepared for it. In more than 3,700 years, his premonitions had never been wrong. Now he decided that Nightshade (Felina's original given name) had thwarted fate. He took it upon himself to set it back on its course. Advanced magics traded his soul for hers. Felina regained her life, but never saw her father after the second she died.
She was beside herself and thrown into the deepest depression she's ever experienced, something that she still fights today, three years after Tel-tiono's death. She's been robbed of grief, in a sense...she refuses to let herself break down, that she remains strong for her even more distraught brother, whose entire life had focused on their father.
She always watches her brother, who's now living temporarily with the Guardians, but is often wandering, shunning even her friends for days or weeks at a time. Her nephew is the sole exception to this.

Personality: Felina always looks calm, and appears so even to other telepaths by a false surface layer of thought. Really she's still grieving for her father while all the time telling herself to get over it. She's very protective of her closest friends and family--that one part of her mind Tel-tiono tweaked to serve her purpose, a sort of modified maternal instinct. She's hard to anger, and one of the sure ways to do that is attacking either her brother Saea or adopted nephew, Gim. Despite sometimes seeming amiable, Felina is either strong-willed or self-righteously stubborn, whichever way you want to look at it. Due to many bouts of prejudice against her power, she tends to hide it until it's needed. i.e., She'll walk out of a building via the door and get out of sight before using her crystal to vanish to avoid causing others perturbation.

Weaknesses: Felina's greatest strength—her power—is also her greatest weakness. To avoid going into in-depth reasons, her body is tied very closely to her psionic power. Large energy expenditures leave her exhausted enough to sleep for hours or days. If she blows off too much power, her body will be unable to support itself and she'll die. Also, Felina will put herself in danger in fights to keep bystanders safe.

Quirks: Felina licks her top fangs if she's thinking hard. Her ears are often the only way to get a good idea of what she's feeling. They press down and back if she's angry, frightened, or otherwise uncomfortable, and raise a bit if she's happy or amused.

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