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A Dryad species and tribe of the Faerie Races and Fae Races@wiki

The Fehrmi (Fai-irr-me), a race of dryad native to Crima (both Boro and Xiuuola territories) in Tearra Réhm, and are most notable among Sylvans (true Fae) because of their unique reproductive and metamorphic cycles, which include both plant stages and celestial stages, much like the age progression of dragons and titans, but with the added cycle of seedling/plant stage before a humanoid form can be achieved. This eccentric race gains the celestial subtype as they achieve elder years.

The Fehrmi as a race and as a tribe are local to the Xiuuola/Boro region (originally emerging in the tropical islands of Boro, the Fehrmi were transplanted all across southern Tearra Réhm by expert Criman gnome herbalists. They now call all of Crima home.), where their people are quite literally 'grown' by the best gnome gardeners and Fehrmi shamans in the world in some of the best and most effective greenhouses, climbing and hanging gardens in the world as well.

Because of how prevalent the Fehrmi Tree has become in recent decades of trade exports, and how many trees are being raised, most of the saplings that actually metamorphose into true Fehrmi occur near or within reach of Tearra Réhm. Only 49 True Fehrmi are possible at any point in time within their native realm's bounds. It is unknown how many Fehrmi exist in reality at any given moment, since they are not always in humanoid form, nor are they always bound by the same rules of reality that mortals are, and none of their secrets is declassified information.
They are cordial and polite, and definitely far more approachable than typical Sylvan Dryads and Faeries, but their inner workings are completely shaded in half-truths and sideaways, misted in holy creed and surrounded by anathema. They reveal the Pure Truth to no one but their closest and most impervious allies of whatever realms they feel are most in need of them at any given moment. They live by a basic Code of Gypsies, which they learn and adhere to when they are still young humanoid fae. They have a tribe King and Queen (perhaps) but no one but them would ever know who these individuals are. It is the one rule they speak openly about, because, they say, "It's the one that can't hurt anyone at all... Because we'll never tell. So that's that."

Fehrmi can be both male and female, though females are by far more prevalent, nearly 3 to 1. Gender is apparently not a necessity for their reproduction. If the Ferhmi Tree ever begins to diminish, or is swept away in Oblivion, then and only then shall their people perish. The saplings of all ages ahve a been a major seller on the international trade market in Jashnia for more than eighteen years.

Occasionally (on a rare occasion) a sapling purchased in Tearra Réhm will find its way across the great Blue Ocean to some other land, and it will fruit into a fae child on its 9,999th day of life. Sometimes the tree stays behind, grounded where it sits, as the child walks for days or weeks, getting accustomed to its home.
Often, the tree vanishes when the dryad has grown into a young woman or man, and the dryad often becomes determined to journey in the name of a particular cause, or perhaps none at all, if only to leave their current lifestyle.
If a tree (now a large, mature version of its previous self) is placed in a very protected, well cared-for, peaceful place, the Fehrmi will occasionally leave it where it is. This is rare at best, and must be under the scrutiny of many details unbeknowngst to anyone but the Fehrmi. This tribe of dryad typically takes their tree-form with them in some form of vanishing trick that many believe is a planar ability, though it is completely inherent and extraordinary ability.

Fehrmi still need sunlight, water, breathable air and some form of nutrition, though they have been known to brave the worst of possible case scenarios. Death is not one of the highest fears on their priority list for some unknown reason.

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2004-05-20 [xido]: Creature_List, a specified race of dryad native to the Criman nation of Xiuuola (shoo-oh-lah), in Tearra Réhm

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