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Welcome to Elftown's Featured Art, a feature which showcases the artistic talents of Elftowners as nominated by their fellow Elftowners. This feature accepts nominations for art, photos or photomanipulations.


Featured Art 2013-04-28


by [Ŧhe Jøker], featured 28 April 2013
Nominator(s): [Easterling] & [SilverFire]

We love this colorful artwork, and hope that you do, too!

-- Image Bosses [Chimes] and [Nioniel]


Comments to this page have been taken away so that Elftowners will send messages to the artists about their work, and since the comments would become obsolete once the picture changes anyway.

If you see someone else's picture and think it is worth showing off, please nominate a picture. Don't forget to read the rules before sending in your nomination!

To see art featured in the past, go to the featured art archive.


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