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Featured Art 2015-02-02

"Pirate Queen"

By [astraeacaron], featured 02 February 2015.
Nominator(s): [Linderel]

A gorgeous piece of fanart!
This beautiful digital painting of Isabela, a Dragon Age 2 character, really catches the eye. She really seems to challenge the viewer with that look: sultry, yet fierce. The technique is excellent, too.

We hope that you enjoy this piece as much as we do!

-- Image Bosses [Nioniel] and [Stephen]

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2015-02-04 [Dirty DaVinci]: Beautiful image. Well done!

2015-02-04 [dead~spirit]: I ran away with her in that game. She was amazing, even Varric would agree!

2015-02-05 [Stephen]: Yeah, Isabela is one of my favorite characters in DA:2. x)

2015-02-10 [dead~spirit]: Is she in the Inquisition?

2015-02-10 [Stephen]: I have no idea, actually. I've been meaning to play that game but haven't had the time / ambition. xP

2015-05-08 [Teufelsweib]: She is in the newest DA:I multiplayer expansion as companion, but I've never played the mulitplayer so no idea if you get to interact with her :)

2015-05-20 [dead~spirit]: I can't believe they left her out if the Single player game play.

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