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Featured Art 2011-08-29

Little League

by [Hendercrazy], featured 29nd August 2011
Nominator(s): [Yncke]

In the words of the nominator: "For starters, it's hilarious. It's built around a pun, but finding a good pun is one thing, getting it drawn out efficiently is another. [Hendercrazy] did it with verve. All the information's in the image, really. On top of that, the use of black areas is well done, the expression of honest puzzlement on the boy's face and of old batness on the old bat is top too.
In short, I think the whole of Elftown should see this!"

We hope you enjoy this week's feature!

-- Image Bosses [Kaimee], [Chimes], [Nioniel] and [Flisky]

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