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Featured Art 2011-07-18

Sometimes I Wish I Was A Lion...

by [Anvikit], featured 18th July 2011
Nominator(s): [Linderel]

This piece is so adorable, we couldn't pass up a chance to feature it and share it with all of you! [Anvikit]'s piece began as a sketch on cardboard, which then developed into this amazingly cute image! Done in acrylic paints with inlaid lines and thinner acrylic colour washes, we hope that you're as impressed with this feature as we are. Well done, [Anvikit]!

-- Image Bosses [Kaimee], [Chimes], [Nioniel] and [Flisky]

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2011-07-18 [The Dizzy Raven]: Awwww!!!!! It's so cute!!!!!! :3 *Massive squeeeeeee*

2011-07-24 [ChibiTibs]: I would love to have this as a poster or something to hang up! It's so cute!

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