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by [▲.], featured 27th February 2011
Nominator(s): [Akayume]

I think a collective jaw drop was the first response to this image among us Image Bosses! There's not much to say except that this is a piece of stunning, vibrant colour that is making us all look at the world a little more brightly. Absolutely beautiful [▲.], you deserve every little bit of this feature!

-- Image Bosses [Kaimee], [Chimes], [Nioniel] and [Flisky]

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2011-03-24 [Mikhul, the Bard]: this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-03-26 [▲.]: Oh my god! Thank you!! ;_; This is such a surprise and an honour!

2011-03-28 [Kaimee]: Congratulations :)

2011-03-31 [▲.]: Thank you!! <3

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