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by [CookieDough], featured 16th December 2009
Nominator: [Jitter]

Who could resist featuring this softly glowing fantasy piece, with it's beautiful lighting, intricate creatures and the dusky toned ocean? From the talented young artist [CookieDough], this piece is yet another example of her emerging talent, and her strong penchant for realistic, fantasy themed artwork. The detail present in each of the contrasting elements adds yet another layer of depth to this piece, with focus on the rough waves, the glowing skin tones, the stunning fabric detail, and the soft blush of light radiating from the small creature's wing membranes.
Already a highly finished piece, the artist has added further refinements that can be found at, changing the tone of the image from rough-hewn and dusky to an incredibly different, strikingly detailed and bright fantasy scene. While the image has grown, and perhaps matured in time, this original holds great charm in it's rudimentary phrase, and deserves credit itself. Thank you [CookieDough]!

-- Guest Image Boss [Kaimee], along with [Kyrinn], [Yuriona], [Chimes] and [Teufelsweib]

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