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Data Monk

by [eurayo], featured 20th November 2009
Nominator: [Calico Tiger]

A stunning piece from the ever-amazing artist [eurayo], this portrait is highlighted by it's beautiful yet alien green and gold tones, combined with the strikingly realistic features and intricate detail work on the monk's costume.
A piece that could almost be fantasy, this character is transformed by the title Data Monk into a work of heavy science-fiction, and the depth of character and personality shown in this versatile face instantly draw in the viewer.
The extremely detailed character contrasts with the chaos of the scribbled, jewel-toned background, which already suggest the rough-hewn mountains present in the finished version of this image.
While the final version (found here is remarkable in the texture and depth of detail, the appeal in this progress image is undeniable, and the alien shades of colour are perhaps more heightened in this rough draft. Thank you [eurayo]!

-- Guest Image Boss [Kaimee], along with [Kyrinn], [Yuriona], [Chimes] and [Teufelsweib]

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2009-11-28 [organicparadox]: yeah, this is a great piece. looked at it many times

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