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by [anaiya], featured 15th June 2009
Nominator(s): [Linderel]

The first thing that we noticed when looking at this image was that it is breathtaking and beautiful beyond words. The scene, itself, is imaginative and it is clear that a lot of work has been put into it. This digital painting looks as if it could be a photomanipulation, which shows the skill that [anaiya] has. All in all this is a fantastic image and we are honoured to be featuring it. Keep painting, [anaiya]!

-- [Kyrinn], [Yuriona], [Chimes] and [Teufelsweib]

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2009-06-16 [The Dizzy Raven]: Oh my goodness!!!! That is gorgeous!!!! O.O
I commend you, [anaiya]!! I could never get that good!!

2009-06-16 [anaiya]: That's a lie [The Dizzy Raven] All it takes is practice. I have a couple years on you is all. Trust me when I was 18 my work looked like this

But time and practice will make anyone better as long as you always continue to dream and strive.

2009-06-16 [The Dizzy Raven]: THe one from Devart is good, though! Yep, practice is all it takes. I agree with you there. I have been drawing since the sixth grade, especially anime. Well, I wish you luck on your art future! ^^

2009-06-17 [little flag]: I absoultely love this picture.
Just saying.

2009-06-23 [┬░mydnyte┬░]: Absoulty DIVINE.. I'm speechless. Marvelous work!

2009-07-11 [levhole]: What medium is this?

2009-07-11 [anaiya]: Digital, t'was done in Photoshop and Painter.

2009-07-28 [Galax'Or]: Indeed, this is a very nice painting. When you painted on the supposed digital canvas, it looks like you put the character in a middle-earth looking environment...and she can't seem to stop herself from going under the immense beauty of the natural structures, and the wind fallen extravagance of her wardrobe displays a present feeling of calmness and security.

2010-01-30 [That Nik Guy]: I'm in love 'kthnx.

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