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The Offering

by [seejessiedraw], featured 28th April 2009
Nominator(s): [Once upon a dream]

Though there are many artistic nudes of ladies here on Elftown, its a rare thing to find an artistic nude with a man especially one as eyecatching as this one. This mixed medium piece includes pencils and paints, the stark red and black colours in the background skillfully pull the viewer's eye to the subject without being over powering. In turn, the subject stands expectantly before the viewer as though offering himself to be seen as he is. An awesome job all the way [seejessiedraw]!

-- [Kyrinn], [Yuriona], [Chimes] and [Teufelsweib]


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2009-05-02 [RaydensFyre]: o_o  nummy......

2009-05-02 [Nite_Owl]: Love his hands and expression--awesome!

2009-05-03 [Yuriona]: I wish I could get my paintbrush to do cool stuff like that! Awesome job!

2009-05-07 [strickly_Dickly]: this is awesome //_^

2009-05-09 [robinrobin]: I love it! The heart with the blood dripping is a great touch.

2009-05-11 [Diamond]: it's beautiful. I'm trying to find a comment that shows how much I appreciate it, that doesn't cheapen it, and it's difficult. >.< want nude man.

2009-05-17 [hammersmashface]: is that blood or just red pubic hair

2009-05-17 [RaydensFyre]: i think its nice purdy red crotch fuzzies

2009-05-20 [nsdkfnan87463]: That's excellent. :)

2009-06-11 [Nekko fox]: That's awesome. Pure and simple.

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