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Merlin's Dream

by [Orluni], featured 5th April 2009
Nominator(s): [Elegy - gone]

This piece is exquisite, there is so much to look at and so much detail that you see something new everytime you look at it. We'd definitely recommend that you spend a long time looking at this painting, it's well worth it. If this is how Merlin dreams, we certainly wouldn't mind having them ourselves! Well done, [Orluni]!

-- [Kyrinn], [Yuriona], [Chimes] and [Teufelsweib]

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2009-04-06 [organicparadox]: wow, this is an amazing piece. what are the specifics? medium and time spent? lemme go check the artist's house

2009-04-06 [Chimes]: The piece was nominated in 2006, unfortunately, the nominator didn't say and it's no longer in the Artists house :(

2009-04-06 [organicparadox]: ahhh, too bad. thanks for telling me though:)

2009-06-15 [pixish]: He has put it back in his house :)
From the description in his house:
"This is Merlin's Dream, acrylic on canvas, 18"X24". The work depicts the heart of the kingdom and those who participate in, and seek to protect, the dream of a peaceful, and eternal kingdom.
 The villagers are dancing the maypole, an annual event in the neighborhood I used to live in. I used that event as the centerpiece, as, in many renditions of Camelot, the idea of the kingdom and the people themselves is almost forgotten"

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