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[Calico Tiger]
16 December 2007

Nominator: [Paul Doyle]


Title: 'Artistic Calico'

[Calico Tiger] isn’t just a Guard here in Elftown, she is also an artist! Though an older work from Calico, this is an awesome example of her signature art style. This is also one of her more well known characters, depicting herself in Elftown form. The eyes are bright and hold yours in hers, looking relaxed and even mischievous with that flower grasped in her fingers.  The background is simple, not drawing your attention away from the feline figure. A very beautiful example of Artistic Nudity at its best!

Awesome Job, [Calico Tiger]!

-- [Kyrinn], [Rook], [Yuriona] and [Teufelsweib]
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